‘I Wrote Songs For Nicki Minaj & Ariana Grande:’ Claims Viral AC Hazim Bangwar

Hazim Bangwar claims he wrote Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande songs

The “hip” assistant commissioner for North Nazimabad, Hazim Bangwar recently made a guest appearance at the Mathira Show and asserted that he has composed famous songs for a number of well-known American musicians, which includes Nicki Minaj, Jesse J, and Ariana Grande.

The eccentric AC also revealed that he used to be a ghostwriter for famous American recording artists and that he sold these songs to big music labels in Hollywood. He specifically said that he wrote the song “High School” for Nicki Minaj, which became a popular single on her album.

“I wrote Nicki Minaj’s High School. The song was on her album, it was a single too and the rest is history,” said Hazim during the interview.

Here, check out the song he mentioned in his interview with Mathira:

Since Hazim Bangwar went viral after his posting at North Nazimabad as the new AC, Many Pakistanis have been questioning his sexuality due to his bold fashion sense and mannerisms. Despite all the trolling, he is actually a very accomplished person with an impressive academic background. He studied fashion design and marketing at AIU London and later earned an LLB from a university in London.

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Hamza, who also goes by Hazim, is interested in fashion, music, and songwriting. In 2019, he released his first single called “Haram,” which became popular in several countries, including South Korea, Hungary, Egypt, and India. He was the first singer from Pakistan to achieve this success with an English song, and he also composed his first song in Urdu in 2021.

Hazim has also supported various non-profit organizations, including the WWF, SOS, Oceana, Amnesty International, Dar Ul Sakoon, Project Aware, and PETA, in addition to his work in music.