‘TikToker Hareem Shah leaked videos for fame’ Claims Sandal Khattak

'TikToker Hareem Shah leaked videos for fame' Claims Sandal Khattak

Sandal Khatak – best friend of famous TikToker Hareem Shah, has finally broken her silence over the leaked video allegations made against her by TikToker.

Last week, several private videos of Hareem Shah were leaked over the internet, after which she shared a video on this matter and accused her best friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz saying that they stole her phone and leaked her private videos on social media. Here is the video:

In the video, Hareem revealed that both her friends (Sandal Khattak & Ayesha Naz) were very close to her and that they even used to live together and had access to her mobile phone. Furthermore, she accused her friends had already threatened her multiple times over leaking her video before uploading them.

In response, Sandal said if she is the one who has uploaded her private videos “Why isn’t she filing a case with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in this matter?”

Hareem Shah’s Immoral Videos Leaked On Social Media

“Why would we do this with her? She should file a case against me, or Ayesha or her boyfriend but she should file a case,” Sandal added.

Sandal also warned Hareem that if she fails to prove the allegations made against her, then she will file a defamation case against her for making false accusations. Sandal also revealed that the person who filmed Hareem’s video was actually her boyfriend. On the other hand, Hareem had stated in a video with her husband that the video was recorded by her husband Bilal. In the video, Bilal vowed that he will not leave her wife (Hareem Shah) over some leaked videos.

Sandal further stated that “Hareem told me that her videos were filmed by her boyfriend but now she is saying that her husband had filmed them. She claimed that her phone was hacked but iCloud cannot be hacked”.

She also shared the reason why her friendship ended with Hareem, ”Hareem had taken money from her and when she asked for the money back, she started a fight. “I did not take my money back and ended our friendship,” she said.

Furthermore, Sandal accused Hareem of leaking her own video in order to get fame and now she is blaming others.