Dulhan: Cast, Story and other details Starring Sami Khan, Sumbul Iqbal Khan

As the year enters its last quarter, Hum TV is all set to bring out the latest drama before year end and part of this is their latest drama “Dulhan” featuring Sami Khan and Sumbul Iqbal Khan as the main leads.


The drama is set to be produced by Momina Duraid Productions and will air on HUM TV.

Though nothing much have been revealed about the drama but by the title, the drama seems to be centered on the sacred relationship of marriage and what a new bride has to go through in our society to make her place in her husbands home.

The cast will also include Nahida Shamim, Shaheen Khan and Faizan Khwaja in supporting roles.

The director of the drama will be Adeel Siddiqui who also directed the recent “Naqab Zun” featuring Saboor Aly in the leading role.

Sami Khan this year gave us the smash hit Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb and is now making strides with the much hyped drama “Saraab”, where Sonya Hussyn plays a schizophrenic patient.
On the other hand Sumbul Iqbal Khan is also busy in her serial “Tum Ho Wajah” alongside Saboor Aly. Sumbul also found herself engrossed in a controversy where her long time affair was revealed with a married man and her family blamed the actress for exploiting him.