EOBI Launches digital payments for registered Employers

EOBI Launches digital payments for registered Employers

The President of Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), Azhar Hameed, revealed that they are going to introduce a new digital payment system. Through this system, registered employers will be able to submit their monthly donations online.

He also said that, the main motive for the implementation of this new system of Inter-Bank Fund system is to swell the revenue generation of EOBI by advancing towards digital systems so that the registered employers can submit their monthly donations online without any hassle. Also, that the new system will help limiting the corruption in the organization.

Currently, most of the employers has to offer their donations manually, by downloading the PR-03 form. This method of collecting donations have threaten the struggle of EOBI in completing the revenue collection target.

For this purpose, of achieving our target successfully and on time, EOBI will do their best to enable the digital payment system within the next 3 months, by saying:

“We will assure that in the next three months, almost 90% of the employers will be able to submit their donations to the organization online.”

Mentioning the affectionate initiatives taken by the current management of organization for senior citizens, the President stated that our united efforts of the department had made it possible to distribute ‘double’ relief to its pensioners and registered employees before Eid-ul- Azha.

By the end of the month, EOBI will spend Rs 2.4 Billion among their senior citizens to pay their hiked up pension and exceptional dues of last three months, he said.

“Each and every retired employee who is registered with the EOBI, will receive an increase in their pension of Rs. 8,500 combined with Rs. 6,000 liabilities of three months (April, May, and June). In total, Rs. 14,500 will be transferred to each pensioners account before Eid-ul-Azha.”