Faizan Sheikh sings a song for ‘The Mazedaar Show’

Faizan Sheikh sings a song for 'The Mazedaar Show'

Faizan Sheikh, Pakistani well-known actor has recently released his first single.

He already has a long list of great achievements in his acting career, and now  the ‘Heer Maan Ja’ star wants to check out his luck in the music industry.

The actor turned singer, said that:

“Every form of art has always been a way of expression for me. Whether it is acting, hosting, or singing – I put my 100% in all that I do.”

The song is an OST from their upcoming show, composed by Wajid Saeed, both direction of the music video and lyrics writing of the song is done by Faizan Sheikh himself.

Except Faizan, the song also features Aadi Adeal Amjad and the title of the song is Mazedaar.

He also enlightened us by saying that:

“I am really very excited about this music video for which I have worked so hard on, and expectantly, this music video will only be the beginning of another amazing journey ahead!”

Faizan has proved himself to be an incredibly versatile actor, by performing various type of roles in Pakistani drama serials and with his cheerful personality.

Right now, Faizan is working on two drama serials ‘Gustakh’ and ‘Hamare Dada Ki Wasiyat’ with very different and unique characters.