PM gives go-ahead to launch ‘Protected Area Initiative’

PM gives go-ahead to launch ‘Protected Area Initiative’

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday gave a go-ahead for launching “Protected Area Initiative” in the Country under the umbrella of “Green Pakistan” program. Advisor to PM on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Khan called on the prime minister today, according to the press release issued by the PM’s office.

The programme would involve the establishment of 12 national parks with the aim to preserve and protect wildlife and plantations. “PM Imran emphasised that such initiatives provide employment opportunities in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, while at the same time protect the natural resources of the country,” the press release maintained.

The meeting with Prime Minister Imran as part of the continuation of the “Green Stimulus” package approved by the prime minister in April 2020 wherein 65,000 youth/daily wagers would be utilized for plantation across the country who are facing unemployment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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After the Ministry of Climate Change completes the process of consultation with stakeholders, the prime minister would launch the “Protected Area Initiative”. All the provinces be taken on-board for this initiative at the highest level, urged the prime minister.

An agreement was signed on Monday according to which the World Bank will provide 188 million US dollars to Pakistan to address environmental degradation, deforestation and climate change-caused disaster risks in the country, along with Prime Minister Imran Khan approving the ‘Green Stimulus’ package as part of the government’s efforts to extend green cover in the county and to create job opportunities for the youth on 28th April.