Haadi Uppal releases Debut Song ‘Te Quiero’ ft. Aima Baig

Haadi Uppal releases Debut Song ‘Te Quiero’ ft. Aima Baig

Pakistani singer Shiraz Uppal’s son Haadi Uppal has just made his singing debut alongside Pop sensation singer Aima Baig with song Te Quiero.

Aima Baig took to Instagram to announce the big news, saying: “Te Quiero’ is finally out! I am super excited for you all to hear it!💃 We had worked very hard on creating this song and then the lock down happened. We thought we would not be able to release it but now that we finally have, I’m sure you guys will love it! I am glad I decided to feature in @HaadiUppal’s remarkable new song and thankful to the entire team that made it happen”.

Titled the Spanish catchphrase “Te Quiero”, the song is a pop supremacy coupled with catchy Spanish and urdu lyrics and upbeat music. The song is a love song that will take you in the dreamy skies.

The music by Haadi Uppal has major western vibes, “Born and raised in New York, I have always been a huge fan of Western music. It fascinates me to see and understand that what connects with the youth today. I want to grasp the genre and zone that resonates best with them. Te Quiero is a song that is heartfelt yet relatable for the youth in Pakistan. Having also dabbled a bit with playback singing, this song is my true calling for making youngsters associate better with their emotions,” Haadi said in a press statement.

The song has been written by Shakeel Sohail. Shiraz Uppal composed and produced it.
Haadi Uppal previously known for popular songs including Tu Kuja Man Kuja, Tera Te Mera and Raanjhanaa.

Talking about her collaboration with Haadi, Aima Baig said: “It has been quite some time since a voice as powerful as Haadi has grabbed my attention. The originality in this song brings out the best components. Starting right from the feel to the vibe, we tried to keep everything very soft and gentle. This song truly enhances feelings and emotions that each one of us senses. Right now the world is hurting and through this song we want to bring some sort of joy and comfort to people’s heart.”

In her social media statement, Aima Baig stated that they both have worked hard on creating this song before the lockdown.