Quranic Girl Names – Unique Names List Baby Girls 2020

Quranic Girl Names - Unique Names List Baby Girls 2020

Naming your child is considered to be a very important aspect that is much esteemed and placed in high regard in Islam. The Prophet of Allah (P.B.U.H) himself put much emphasis on naming the children with good names that had beautiful meanings.
Any name chosen has an effect on the personality of the baby and this is why it is of utmost importance that a name should be chosen that has the most beautiful meaning and possesses qualities that one would like their child to have.
And what is more beautiful then the names mentioned in the Quran by Allah Almighty himself. The names can be of with famed personalities mentioned like Maryam (AS) or beautiful words with good meanings can also be used to name a child.
We have listed below 100 Quranic names for baby girls, read along:

    1. Hasana: Good deed, kind act, favour
    2. Mawadda: Love, Loving and Beloved, Affection
    3. Samaah: Forgiveness, leniency, Generosity
    4. Ayah: Sign And Proof Of Allah’s Greatness, Verse From The Quran
    5. Jannah: Paradise, which the righteous have been promised
    6. Wardah: Flower, Flowery, Rosy, Fresh, Glowing
    7. Dunya: World, Worldly Life, That Which Is Close
    8. Wahida: One, Unique, Sole, Single
    9. Marib: Ultimate Goal, Destiny, Conclusion
    10. Tayyiba: Pure, Chaste, Generous, Good-Natured
    11. Habibah: beloved
    12. Kalima: Speaker
    13. Aqiba: Result, Consequence, Conclusion
    14. Huda: Right guidance, Correct Guidance, Guidance Towards Good
    15. Zahra: Bright, Shining, White, Radiant
    16. Naima: Soft, Gentle, Blessed, Tranquility
    17. Rahmah: Mercy, Grace, Compassion
    18. Aminah: Honest, Trustworthy, Truthful, Reliable
    19. Maryam: Pious and God-fearing woman devoted to God
    20. Taliyah: girl/woman who recites the Quran often
    21. Tabiah: follower, successor
    22. Khayrah: good, it is the opposite of evil.
    23. Salihah: righteous, virtuous, intact, and good, it is the opposite of corrupt.
    24. Hidaayah: Guidance
    25. Hakeema: wise, insightful, and decisive. I
    26. Noorah: opposite of darkness, radiant (something that gives off light on its own), light
    27. Shamsah: [The] Sun
    28. Dhehab: Gold
    29. Jamilah: Beautiful beauty in behavior
    30. Muneera: enlightening, brilliant, full of light
    31. Diya: source of light
    32. Kokab: Star
    33. Khalilah: intimate friend, close acquaintance
    34. Ahmina: someone who is protected from all that causes fear.
    35. Amal: hope, prospect.
    36. Baarizah: prominent, manifest.
    37. Bahija: beautiful, convivial
    38. Layyinah: gentle, soft, and pliable.
    39. Marjaan: small and delicate pearl
    40. Taariqah: shooting star
    41. Marwa:
    42. Nadirah: beautiful, radiant, and pure.
    43. Sufah:
    44. Samaa: A heaven or the sky
    45. Samawat: Skies or heavens
    46. Salihat: Good deeds
    47. Aabida: This can be the female case of name aabid, it means Worshiper, devotee, adorer
    48. Azhar: A shining and luminous being
    49. Bahaar: Beautiful spring seaon; peaceful
    50. Faiqa: A sublime woman of high status
    51. Farhana: A cheerful and merry woman
    52. Farida: One with no match
    53. Marib: A woman with an ultimate goal
    54. Maslama: A feeling of safety and security
    55. Mastoorah: A woman who is hidden, covered and modest
    56. Mawada: A woman who is love, affection, compassion and harmony
    57. Bayyinat: Clear signs or clear proofs
    58. Aabdar: Moon light, early, quick.
    59. Faiqa: A sublime woman of high status
    60. Rihanna: A woman who smells good
    61. Aayun: eye
    62. Abdaar: full moon
    63. Abdiyah: servant of Allah
    64. Abir: perfume
    65. Abudah: worshiper of God
    66. Adalah: justice, fairness, equality
    67. Adeena: obedient
    68. Adlah: just, fair
    69. Adnanah: long-term resident, settler
    70. Afana: chaste, virtuous, modest
    71. Afeerah: blonde, fair-skinned
    72. Afkar: thoughts, ideas
    73. Asfah: most eloquent
    74. Karima: generous, honorable
    75. Kabira: great, powerful, leader
    76. Rabab: white cloud
    77. Rabeeba: queen
    78. Radmehr: generous and radiant, giving sun
    79. Mahgul: beautiful, literally meaning “moon flower”
    80. Maanah: easy, light
    81. Laaiqah: suitable, qualified, eligible
    82. Waafiyah: loyal, faithful
    83. Wadida: loving, affectionate
    84. Naba: announcement, news, tidings
    85. Nabeela: noble, highborn, dignified
    86. Nabighah: brilliant, outstanding, talented
    87. Nada: goodness, blessedness
    88. Baddar: speedy, vigilant
    89. Haalah: circle of radiance
    90. Tabseer: enlightenment, educatio
    91. Aalifa: kind, compassionate, friendly
    92. Aadila: one who acts with justice
    93. Aafa: forgiver, pardoner.
    94. Aamira: prosperous, full of life
    95. Aaqilah: wise, discerning, sensible
    96. Aaribah: winner
    97. Aarifa: one endowed with great knowledge
    98. Aasira: one who captivates
    99. Aatifah: affectionate, sympathetic
    100. Aatiya: giver, bestower

Let us know what more recommendations you have for most beautiful names from the Quran.