Top 5 K&N’s Products that Pakistanis Love

Top 5 K&N's Products that Pakistanis Love

Pakistani nation is known for its excellent taste in food and loves exploring new dimensions in this regard with endless creations. One such innovation in the frozen food industry is K&N’s, K&N’s is a Pakistani multinational poultry and frozen food company based in Karachi, Pakistan.


It was founded in 1964 by Khalil Sattar with his wife, Naushaba Khalil.

In 2011, K&N’s bacame “one of the largest broiler-chick producers and the market leader for the processed chicken products in Pakistan”.

Every child, adult and grown person definitely have a favourite in the range.
So here is a list of top products from K&N’s that everyone needs to try:

Boneless Chicken Cuts:

One of K&N’s best product has to be their boneless chicken range that comprises of Handi cut, Karahi Cut, drumsticks, Boti cut, Chicken Keema or simply boneless chicken. They come in KG packaging and start from as low as Rs.250. This product revolutionized how people used to shop for meat in their grocery as they could now conveniently buy their desired cuts easily in no time rather than visiting the meat shop and waiting for the butcher to do it for you.

Thunder Fillet:

One food that the young and old alike love consuming is the favourite junk food consisting of the classic fried chicken sandwich or Burger by many fast food restaurants. Seeing this trend, K&N’s made the ace move and introduced their Thunder Fillet which is a piece of chicken breast coated with marination that after deep frying gives crispy fried chicken that is exactly restaurant quality.

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Breakfast Range:

K&N’s some years back also broke into the breakfast direction as people started opting for a healthier lifestyle in Pakistan like the rest of the world. Their Deline line consists of classic chicken sausages, cheese sausages, franks and Salami among other things. This also made breakfast a convenient buy for Pakistanis as they could stock up and not run to the grocers every morning.


The first ever product that gave K&N’s a boost of popularity among the masses has to be their Classic nuggets that since then has exploded into a full blown range on its own. Now K&N’s also features Haray Bharay Nuggets and Fun Nuggets, a fun alteration of dino shapes for kids. These delicious delights can be fried or baked for a healthier consumption and they are available in two packaging, Regular and Jumbo.


Apart from their core chicken range and offerings, K&N’s also introduced an eastern snack range, among which their Samosa’s are the yummiest. Stuffed with a scrumptious chicken filling, K&N’s samosa is a must have in every household for when surprise guests arrive or when uninvited hunger calls for mandatory munching. These samosa’s can be fried or baked with ease for a delicious break on a busy day.