How To Apply For A Driving License Online in Pakistan

How To Apply For A Driving License Online in Pakistan

Recently Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS) with the help of Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB), enabled citizens to apply for driving licenses online. The online facility can be accessed by citizens in 36 Districts of Pakistan.


This facility has become a source of much convenience for the citizens of Pakistan as people from the ease of their home can do the act without the need to go out again and again amidst the coronavirus spread.

So here are the steps with which you can easily apply for online driving license.

How to apply for License online:

• Login to the DLIMS Website.
• Download the required forms in the download sections and fill it.
• Submit the required documents to the nearest licensing center.
• Pass the initial theoretical test after a licensing period of 42 days.
• Take the driving test.
• Driving License will be delivered to you at home via Post.

Required Documents:

• 2 Passport-sized Photos.
• 2 copies of your CNIC.
• Your original driving license.
• A Ticket of Rs. 60 from any Post Office.
• Medical reports.
• Ticket of the relevant license.

Age Limits for Learner Permit:

• Motor Cycle/ Motor Car: 18 Years
• LTV (Rickshaw, Taxi, Tractor Commercial): 21 Years

An important note to mention here is that if you want to renew your license, you need not give the theoretical and Driving test, all you need is to submit the required documents to the licensing center.