Use foodpanda to find the Best Food Deals for you!

Use foodpanda to find the Best Food Deals for you!

Whenever we have cravings for anything, we mostly order online so that we could enjoy our favorite meals with comfort and with no hustle of waiting in queues at our favorite restaurants. To make your food experience even more top-class download the “foodpanda” app on your phone. Here you can find the best deals and offers on all your favorites restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, Broadway Pizza, etc all under one roof.

What kinds of deals you can find?

On foodpanda, you may find two types of deals all made carefully according to your needs. These types of deals are as follows:

1. Exclusive Discounted Deals

These types of deals are only available on foodpanda. You can find them on the main page of your favorite restaurant. For example, if you want to see deals for McDonald’s,  scroll down or select ‘Exclusive Deals’ on the menu bar, you can find the offer that suits you best.

2. Monthly Deals

Here you can find the best deals of the month that foodpanda has collected for you. Here you can find a list of selected offers by city, including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and their ‘nation-wide’ deals, available all over the country.


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Do you need a code or coupon to avail these deals?

You don’t need any code or coupon to avail these deals. All of the foodpanda’s deals are available without any extra codes or complications. You can even see all the deals on foodpanda without even having to log in.

When do the deals expire?

The deals are updated every month, some restaurants have long-term fixed deals while the rest are renewed or updated in accordance with the conditions of the deals.

What’s the best deal for you?

This is entirely up to you. foodpanda has created various different options designed for you. If you prefer a more personalised selection of deals, go for the newsletter. If you want to just browse, see their monthly deals page. If you want to see deals from your favorite restaurants, then head over to them on foodpanda and find what you need.