8 Best Nihari Places in Karachi 2023

8 Best Nihari Places in Karachi 2023

Nihari is no doubt one of the most popular and mouth-watering desi dishes for breakfast not just in Karachi but in every corner of Pakistan. You will find almost all sorts of delicious desi foods in the city of lights. Still, no one can turn their head to Nihari with chopped green chilies, coriander leaves, lemons, fried onion, “bhagaar”, sliced ginger, and of course, “tandoori roti.” Craving for a plate of Nihari all ready, right? Here, in this article, we will tell you where you can find the best Nihari in town. So without any further ado, Let’s dig in:

1. Zahid Nihari:

If you are craving to get your hands on the best Nihari in Karachi, Zahid Nihari is probably the first name that will come across your mind. It is one of the most popular Nihari spots among Karachiites for serving fresh and delicious Nihari. Zahid Nihari restaurant has two branches available in Karachi. The first branch is located near Saddar and the other branch is on Main Tariq road.

Zahid Restaurant is open from 7 am to midnight. So you can visit the place anytime you like with your friends and family and enjoy. Many Pakistani celebrities have also visited the place and appreciated its taste and quality food.

2. Javed Nihari:

Javed Nihari Karachi

Karachi’s Javed Nihari is also one of the most famous Nihari houses that you definitely need to try at least once in your lifetime. It’s located in Federal B Area on the 15th block and is best known for providing Nihari loaded with bone marrows, things get even better when you try it with piping hot naans.

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3. Karachi Nihari House:

Karachi Nihari House is located near the Junaid Plaza in plot FL 9, block 6 of Gulshan e Iqbal, and its best known for serving fresh and extremely meaty Nihari with extraordinary taste. The delicious Karachi Nihari is something your taste buds won’t regret tasting. The restaurant is open from 12 am to 12 pm and also offers special nihari dish preparation, you can contact them on 0321 4888879.

4. Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House:

Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House is another big name for Nihari lovers, they have two branches in Karachi, one at Dehli Merchantile Society and the other branch located at Port Grand with a beautiful ambiance will increase the taste of your Nihari even more. They offer a variety of options including Nalli Nihari, Maghaz Nihari, Special Nihari, Simple Nihari and much more.

5. Malik Nihari

Javed Nihari Karachi

If you have ever visited Karachi’s famous Burns road, you probably be familiar with Malik Nihari. Malik Nihari will serve you the best spicy Nihari in town. We can bet you won’t regret spending this amount on this flavorsome dish. They offer their normal Nihari plate for just Rs. 200 and their Special Nihari will cost you up to Rs. 400 only.

6. Nihari Inn

Nihari Inn is best known for offering a wide range of Nihari including Maghaz Nihari, Special Nihari, Nalli Nihari, and much more! The restaurant has a beautiful ambiance so you can also visit the place if you have some outside guests along with you or your family. Nihari inn. is located on Bank road in Clifton, and also at Boat Basin.

7. Waheed Kabab House

Waheed kabab house is located at Karachi’s hub of desi food, Burns Road Food Street. They offer the best spicy Nihari in town and we best once you visit them you can’t stop yourself from going to this Nihari joint repeatedly.

8. Sabri Nihari:

Sabri Nihari Karachi

Another worth mentioning Nihari spot in the city of lights is ‘Sabri Nihari’, the restaurant has two branches in the city. The first branch located in the D.H.A. phase 5, is also one of the oldest Nihari sports in Karachi. The other branch is situated in Saddar near the “Opp. Aurangzeb Park on the Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road.