5 Best Nihari Spots in Islamabad

5 Best Nihari Spots in Islamabad

In the early days, Nihari used to be a popular breakfast in the winter among Pakistanis, however, the time has changed and today, almost everyone loves to have a plate of fresh beefy stew Nihari topped with thinly sliced ginger, fried onions, green chilies, and lemon juice not just in their breakfast but in lunch and moreover, in dinner too. The Nihari gets even better when you have a hot and fresh Khameeri Roti.

Many people feel like having a plate of Nihari can be far too ‘heavy’ to eat for breakfast, but here’s a fun fact for you guys, The word nihari literally means ‘early morning food’ – derived from the word ‘nihar’, which means ‘first thing in the morning’.

Nihari is the most popular desi food and if you live in a city like Islamabad, sometimes it can be very challenging to find the perfect Nihari spot. So, in this article, we will be listing some of the most popular and delicious Nihari spots for you.

Dilli Darwaza – The Nihari Shop

Dilli Darwaza is one of the most popular Nihari spots in Islamabad located at Street 33, F-8/1 F 8/1 Allahwali Market. Dilli Darwaza makes Nihari with their traditional family recipe from Delhi which honestly speaking tastes absolutely amazing. The ambiance of the place is also very relaxing and clean. Their staff is very friendly and their Nihari rates are also very affordable. So if you are living in Islamabad, Dilli Darwaza is the perfect stop for you to get your authentic and delicious Nihari.

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Muhammadi Nahari House

Muhammadi Nihari House is another very famous Nihari spot in Islamabad. They have been serving the best Nihari in town for many years now. Their Nihari is cooked with a perfect balance of meat and spices. Mohammadi Nihari is served with many other ingredients like fried onions, ginger, and lemons along with hot and crispy naan, kulcha or plain roti. You can visit their shop at Markaz I-10, Islamabad.

Street 1 Cafe:

The Street 1 Cafe located in Kohsar is the favorite spot for Islamabadians when they want to have a perfect breakfast on their weekends. On Sundays, Street 1 Cafe serves delicious Nihari until 3 pm, and it’s also their most popular dish on the menu. Most people in Islamabad are very concerned about the cleanliness and don’t like food which is too much oily, Luckily, Street 1’s Nihari is not only delicious but also healthy because it’s cooked in olive oil. They serve it in white bowls with freshly baked naan, making it an elegant and tasty meal that’s also lower in cholesterol.

Go Organic:

If you are someone who loves to eat desi food but is also a health-conscious person, then you should definitely try out ‘Go Organic’ located in F-10, Islamabad. They serve a unique version of he Nihari that’s not only light but also very tasty, and the best part is that they serve the nihari with hot, delicious pooris. This restaurant specializes in organic food, so they’ve found a way to make Nihari that’s both healthy and satisfying. It’s a new and interesting twist on this popular Pakistani dish. So, if you’re in the mood for a tasty and healthy meal, give Go Organic’s Nihari a try.

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Cheema & Chattha

If you are someone who lives in Islamabad, you probably would have heard the name Cheema & Chattha. They have been serving the best desi breakfast in town for over two decades now. With a wide variety of desi breakfasts like paaye, and halwa puri, this restaurant has been winning the hearts of its customers. But the most famous dish on the menu is their Nihari, filled with juicy meat and flavored gravy, Cheema & Chattha Nihari will make you speechless.