List of EV Charging Stations in Islamabad

EV Charging Stations in Islamabad

The automobile industry is growing rapidly with each passing day all around the World, including Pakistan. However, the increasing number of daily car users has raised many concerns regarding the climate crisis and air pollution caused by these vehicles, which has also derived car companies to now invest in electric cars.

The Pakistani government and major car companies are now also focusing their attention to offer fully electric cars to their customers. But, the execution of this plan is not so easy. To make this a success, the country needs a massive electric car infrastructure such as EV charging stations. Luckily, the Pakistani government has started developing many new states of the art EV charging station in the big three cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Many charging stations in the cities are now fully operational and offering quality service to Electric car users.

In this article, we will list the number of EV charging stations that are currently available and fully operational in Islamabad, their addresses, and contact details. So let’s begin:

List of EV Charging Stations Available in Lahore

PSO Electro:

PSO Electro EV charging station Islamabad

Pakistan State Oil was one of the first to step forward and support the government’s electric vehicle initiative by setting up Islamabad’s first-ever EV charging station by the name ”ELECTRO” at PSO, Capri Gas Station, Bhittai Road, F-7 Markaz. The charging station offers three different types of charging options including:

  • Type 2 (Cable Attached)
    Accelerated – 22KW – AC – Three Phases
  • ChAdeM
    Fast – 50 KW – DC
  • Combo CCS EU
    Fast – 50 KW – DC

BMW’s ChargeNow:

BMW ChargeNow Islamabad

Another electric car charging station, known as the BMW ChargeNow is located near Kohsar Market in the F-6 sector, This Charge Now station only works with eDrive or “i” vehicles. It is also important to mention that you would be required to get a ‘ChargeNow card’ to use this station. You just need to tap your Charge Now card on the card reader symbol and then your charging session will be started. To end the charging session, you just need to plug into the card and tap the symbol again.


Solar EV Charging Station Islamabad

The Solar EV charging station is located at R&I Electrical Appliances, No. 81-F Street 6, I-10/3 I 10/3 I-10 in Islamabad. The station offers two types of charging options including:

  • CHAdeMO: 120.0 kW Total 2
  • CCS: 120.0 kW Total 2

Solar EV Charging Station:

Solar EV Charging Station in Islamabad

You can visit another Solar EV charging station at 1 Jinnah Avenue, MPCHS F 8/4 F-8 in Islamabad. This charging station also offers two charging options similar to the one mentioned above the only difference is that the charging capacity of this station is a bit low.

  • CHAdeMO60.0 kW Total 1
  • CCS60.0 kW Total 1

List of EV Charging Stations Available in Karachi

Attock EV Ultra Fast:

 Attock EV Ultra Fast charging station islamabad

A super-fast EV charging station has been set up by Attock at 104 Jinnah Ave, G 7/3 in Islamabad’s Blue area. The stations offer all three options including:

  • AC
  • ChAdeMo
  • Combo CCS EU.

All of these charging options can support up to 150 kWh which can charge up your electric vehicle within just 30 minutes