Just Go to Hell Dil: Alia Bhatt’s New Song Is Your Post Breakup Therapy

Alia Bhatt in the new song of Dear Zindagi ‘ Just go to Hell Dil’ is gaining a lot of eyeballs and appreciation for her splendid acting skills depicting the true feelings every girl faced during heartbreaks.

With breakups and heartbreaks becoming common in our society, Dear Zindagi’s new song has brought yet again one of the phases of life that we all go through. ‘Just go to Hell Dil‘ is somewhat a post-breakup therapy song that will just lighten your mood and help you to get over with the heartbreak because Alia Bhatt is just too damn good in portraying what it feels like.

like everybody else, the title made us shocked too but these words are just there at the back of our mind while we went through a breakup or a heartbreak. often forgetting that life is filled with so many things we tend to neglect the blessings while we cling to the breakup or the heartbreak.


We all can totally relate ourselves with this song and looks like its Shah Rukh Khan who will help Alia to get over with it and explore how beautiful life is.  we all have faced the situation like this and have thought its the end of the world. things start getting messy, surrounding looks like a fish market and everything becomes annoying isn’t it right? but after all, do we need to stay like this?

Well, Alia has done her job fantastically to let us know that heartbreaks are a part of life and one needs to get over with it to identify other good things that are there waiting for us to be explored.

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She has simply nailed it and has given us an important lesson to appreciate our life and look out for ways to make ourself strong and face the world. Kudos to her stunning performance. what did we miss here? Yes, Shahrukh Khan was missing in the song and only appears hardly for few second at the end of the song. To all the girls, Alia has set a guideline in the form of this song to never feel sorry for yourself and make the most out of your life.

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We can’t wait to catch what’s more in this super cute movie that keeps on giving us reasons to love and appreciate life.  Let’s hope November 23rd brings bundles of joy, laughter and happy moments with SRK and Alia sharing the silver screen.