Maya Ali distributes ration bags to poor families amidst Coronavirus outbreak

Maya Ali distributes ration bags to poor families amidst Coronavirus outbreak

Becoming the champion of the poor by providing aid to the needy during the global pandemic outbreak, Maya Ali continues to provide ration bags among the needy.

Maya Ali thanked everyone who had donated towards this noble cause, saying: “Grateful for your donations Dispatching another batch of Ramazan ration bags to many more families by your support. May Allah bless us with good health and courage to help the needy people in this crucial time.”

Maya Ali has been actively working to provide the needy with aid since March, previously “Teefa in Trouble” actress shared the happenings of her relief efforts on Instagram. She captioned, “It is a very crucial time and we should become one as a nation and stick together. Alhamdulillah I am glad that ALLAH has given me this opportunity to help those in need at a time like this.”

Maya also urged people to donate in this noble cause, saying, “Let’s become one nation to fight corona and win against it”.

Maya shared an Instagram Story as well where she wrote, “The year 2020 has already taught us that we plan but God decides.”

In an interview Maya Ali had said that she had this idea of providing people food in these testing times and was only able to do it with help of her friend and famed designer, Faiza Saqlain and her husband.

Maya Ali joins many celebrities around the world who have stepped up and helping the needy of the communities. Celebrities like Post Malone, Ariana Grande, Maria B. and many more are helping people by providing financial aid, food packs, protective masks and much more.