Why Is Neelam Muneer Dancing In The Leaked Car Video?


Pakistani actress Neelam Muneer has created quite a ruckus by dancing in her car on a Bollywood song. Now before you start your holier than though speech about how she is spreading fahashi— dude, she is an actress, dancing comes with the territory.

Looking hot and super sexy is part of her job and above all — it’s her car. Why does it bother you so much?

Besides you probably enjoyed watching her sultry moves on Zareen’s famous item number, Mahi Ve way more than she did while dancing.

Watch the video and enjoy — your life is boring enough:


Neelam Muneer is known for her acting stints in drama serials like Thoda Sa Aasmaan and Aankh Macholi. She is also gearing up for her first Pakistani movie debut, Chupan Chupai opposite Ahsan Khan and tbh; this isn’t the first time she has pulled such a stint.

Here she is dancing at a friend’s wedding:

And here — she is dancing with our very own Roshoo (Babar Ali)

The girl clearly loves dancing her heart out. Or maybe she is desperate for Mahesh Bhatt’s attention? Whatever the reason — You go girl!