5 Best Shopify Online Payment Gateways Available in Pakistan

Shopify Payment Gateways

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms where you can easily establish your online stores or retail point-of-sale systems and start selling your products. In Pakistan, hundreds of people are shifting to Shopify to build and grow their small to mid-level online businesses. If you are also one of those who has a new Shopify website but don’t know which online payment gateways are currently available in Pakistan that you can integrate with your Shopify website, and which one is the best, then this article is for you.

A few years back, Shopify users had to face a lot of problems because there were not many online payment gateways available in the Pakistani market, Luckily now we have a lot of different options available that are easy to integrate, very affordable, and come with a ton of new and exciting features as well.

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First, we will talk about Unumpay, developed by Alchametives, which is considered to be one of the best online payment gateways for Shopify available in Pakistan right now. You can easily integrate Unumpay with your Shopify website, which is already aligned with almost every local bank in Pakistan, all you have to do is add your banking credentials to the plugin.


Paymob is another one of the best online payment gateway options available in Pakistan. Paymob is best known for providing flexible payment solutions for users, it is probably the first app that lets you receive online payments even if you don’t have a website, surprised, right? If you are running an Instagram-only store and your customer wants to pay via credit card/debit card, all you have to do is create a payment link from the Paymob app and send it to the customer. The customer will then add his credit card/ debit card credentials in the link and the payment will be received in your Paymob account.

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The Xpay, developed by Xstack is a very advanced and automated app available in Pakistan. The best feature of Xpay is that it automatically removes the order from your Shopify if the customer cancels his/her order instead of showing the order payment dropped. This is probably the first-ever app to offer such options, which can be very useful.


EasyPaisa by Telenor is no doubt one of the biggest and most authentic online payment gateway for multiple platforms. EasyPaisa is currently being used by Millions of Pakistanis and is probably the most trusted and efficient service available right now in Pakistan. You also don’t have to pay any annual or installation charges, you will only be charged per transaction. For Registration, you can visit any nearby service center or their official website.

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JazzCash also offers a secure, customizable seamless, and easy-to-integrate payment solution for your website with 24/7 support. The service is very much similar to EasyPaisa and uses state-of-the-art technology to accept online payments.

Besides these services mentioned above, there are also some notable services available in Pakistan such as Payfast, and PayPro or you can also try Direct Integrations through Shopistan or Alchametive teams.