How to choose your VPN?

How to choose the best VPN in 2023? We see them everywhere these days: in television commercials, on popular YouTube channels and on many websites. VPN providers are numerous and their offers tend to be very similar. Here is a comparison of the best VPNs of 2023. Here, the main VPN providers are presented in an easy-to-read summary table and are accompanied by a review of the interface and services of best VPN in Pakistan.

The Best VPNs at a Glance:

Nord VPN:
What are the best VPN in Pakistan 2023?


+ An easy-to-use interface

+ Very good performance thanks to the NordLynx protocol

+ A strong privacy policy

+ Efficient after-sales service


– A few more advanced features wouldn’t have been too much

– Inaccessible authoritarian countries

Verdict: 8/10

Surf Shark:

What are the best VPN in Pakistan 2023?


+ A very good value for money

+ Highly effective GEO block bypass

+ Unlimited simultaneous connections

– Average performance, no more

– No real audit of its server infrastructure

Verdict: 7/10

CyberGhost VPN:

What are the best VPN in Pakistan 2023?


+ An ergonomic, clear and well-translated interface

+ Dedicated servers for each type of use

+ Built-in Wire guard protocol (Windows and Android only)

+ Honest rates

– The questionable privacy policy
– Decent performance but no more
Verdict: 7/10

Proton VPN:

 What are the best VPN in Pakistan 2023?


+ Complete interface, practical and in French

+ Has its own servers

+ All apps are open source

+ A really safe VPN


– Few servers

– After-sales service only by email and in English

– High tariffs

Verdict: 8/10

Pure VPN:

What are the best VPN in Pakistan 2023?


+ The VPN of simplicity

+ Cheap


– No more specialized servers

– Average throughput by default

– A glaring lack of functionality

Verdict: 7/10

Atlas VPN:


+ Clear and intuitive interface

+ Very good performance with Wireguard

+ Cheap subscription


– An Unsurprising VPN

– Few advanced features

– Confidentiality of questioned data

Verdict: 7/10

Express VPN:


+ Clean and simple interface

+ Excellent performance

+ Netflix US and Canada work very well

+ Support for many devices

+ A strict privacy policy


– Quite high prices

– No specialized servers (P2P, Streaming, Tor, etc…)

– No security audit since the takeover

Verdict: 8/10

Vypr VPN:


+ Honorable performance (thanks Wireguard)

+ A particularly clear and simple interface

+ A VPN you can trust


– No servers per type of use

– Few localities

– The lack of functionality

– A little expensive

Verdict: 7/10



+ Honourable performances

+ A license allows you to install the application on as many devices as you want

+ 500 GB of cloud storage space, you can’t refuse


– A problematic privacy policy

– No servers specialized in a use

– An unwelcoming interface

– In English only

Verdict: 6/10

Strong VPN:


+ Decent performance with Wireguard

+ 250 GB of cloud storage space in addition to VPN service

+ 12 devices covered by one license


– User interface

– Too few features

– Few servers compared to the competition

– Rates in the high average

Verdict: 5/10