Art by Wasif Shares Tips and Tricks to Take DSLR Level Photographs with VIVO X60 Pro

Art by Wasif Shares Tips and Tricks to Take DSLR Level Photographs with VIVO X60 Pro

Who doesn’t like to click pictures? But trying to capture that perfect picture can be challenging! The professional cameras used for this are generally heavy and expensive. However, over the years, with the evolution of smartphone technology, we are now capable of capturing the perfect moments of our lives, packed into a handheld device.

Wasif Gohar, a talented photographer and YouTuber mostly known by his handle @artbywasif, proves that you do not need any heavy and expensive camera equipment to capture beautiful pictures. He went to explore the Skardu valley in Gilgit Baltistan and capture its epitome of beauty, serenity and wilderness on the all-new vivo X60 Pro. This smartphone is the result of vivo-ZEISS collaboration and comes with a triple rear camera setup (48MP Ultra-wide Gimbal Camera + 13MP Wide-Angle + 13MP Portrait rear camera), a 32MP front camera and various stunning photography features.

vivo x60 pro photography by wasif gohar

Muhammad Wasif Gohar shares some amazingly captured shots through the lens of X60 Pro with some professional photography tips and tricks that can help you click breathtaking pictures with your smartphone camera:

1. Make sure your camera lens is clean

No matter how great your camera is or which feature you use, your pictures are never going to come out good if your camera lens is not clean. Your phone is in your hand all day long and hence it is very easy for your smartphone’s rear camera to get your finger smears on it so, make sure you clean it every time before capturing that beautiful view.

2. Create symmetry

Create symmetry vivo x60 pro

In symmetry photography, you capture a picture at a specific point of angle that creates a mirroring effect. It appears like two halves of a scene and balances each other. You can create this symmetry in your pictures by capturing landscape using your smartphone’s wide angle camera as Wasif did through vivo X60 Pro’s 13MP Wide Angle Camera and let’s be honest, how amazing the results are?

3. Create a human eye perspective

While capturing huge objects or beautiful landscapes, you can create a human eye perspective by using low angle technique. In this particular technique, you position your smartphone lens lower than the human eye level on the vertical axis so the object being captured appears big.

4. Use Slow Shutter Mode to capture that perfect shot

You can capture that perfect shot of waterfall by using a Slow Shutter Mode on your smartphone. The Slow Shutter Mode allows your camera to capture more light and results in a well-detailed picture of moving objects. In vivo X60 Pro, when Wasif faced the camera towards the waterfall, X60 Pro itself gave him the option of using Slow Shutter Mode with 7 seconds exposure to capture this silky waterfall display.

Slow shutter mode vivo x60 pro

5. Get closer to the object with wide angle camera

In order to focus on the main object, you can use a wide angle lens of your smartphone while getting closer to the object. In this way, you can create a viable difference among your object, foreground and background resulting in highlighting your object.See how beautifully Wasif had used this technique to capture the horse with vivo X60 Pro:

closer to the object with wide angle camera

6. Play with contrasts

Contrast is a key element to convey certain moods through your pictures. Pictures with high contrast pop out, show textures in the subject and give a feeling of edginess, high energy and strength. While capturing nature and streets, keeping contrast high gives stunning results. However low contrast images tend to have a dreamy feeling and is best used while clicking outdoor portraits.

Play with contrasts

With these mindful smartphone photography tips and tricks, all of us can click professional quality pictures through our smartphones without investing heavily in a camera.