Beyondgreen Solar Solutions: Illuminating Pakistan’s Future with Solar Power

Pakistan is a country with abundant solar energy potential. With over 300 days of sunshine annually, the country is well-positioned to transition to a more sustainable energy future. Beyondgreen Solar Solutions is a leading solar energy company in Pakistan, helping to make this vision a reality.

Beyondgreen’s Mission

Beyondgreen was founded in 2015 with a mission to provide affordable and sustainable energy solutions to Pakistan. The company has since installed over 1,000 solar systems across the country, totaling over 20 megawatts of green energy. These installations include a diverse range of residential, industrial, and corporate projects, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s sustainable energy grid.

Beyondgreen’s Achievements

Beyondgreen has achieved remarkable milestones in a relatively short period, firmly establishing itself as a key player in Pakistan’s solar industry. Some of the company’s notable achievements include:

  • Recognition by Consumer Choice Awards: Beyondgreen Solar Solutions was honored with the 15th Consumer Choice Award for the Best Emerging Solar Provider in Pakistan, a testament to its commitment to excellence.
  • No. 1 Solar Brand in Karachi: Beyondgreen Solar Solutions has achieved the coveted status of being the number one solar brand in Karachi. This achievement reflects the trust and satisfaction of customers in Karachi, one of Pakistan’s largest and most vibrant cities.
  • Over 1,000 Solar Systems Installed: Beyondgreen has successfully installed more than 1,000 solar systems across Pakistan, totaling over 20 megawatts of green energy. These installations include a diverse range of residential, industrial, and corporate projects, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s sustainable energy grid.

Beyondgreen’s Major Clients

Beyondgreen’s impressive client portfolio includes some of Pakistan’s most renowned organizations, such as:

  • Haji Adam & Sons
  • Towellers
  • Bahria Town
  • Pepsi Co
  • Ahmed Foods
  • Rehmat e Shereen
  • Alamgir Welfare Trust
  • Lal QiLa
  • Bonanza Satrangi
  • CEO of Unilever, Mr. Amir Paracha

Beyondgreen’s Testimonials

Here’s what some of Beyondgreen Solar Solutions’ satisfied clients have to say:

  • Mr. Amaduddin Zia, CEO of Ahmed Foods: “Beyondgreen solar has achieved milestones and has quite a footprint in the industry. The after-sale service of the company makes it the best amongst all, and the reason for us choosing this company.”
  • Mr. Sheikh Uzair Ahmed, CEO KT Industries: “I got good references from the market, and good services too. The after-sale services are remarkable, which brings me to Beyondgreen solar.”
  • Mr. Parvaiz, COO Towellers: “The way Beyondgreen provided me solutions, the way they presented, I have full trust in the company. Beyond Solar solutions not only helped me in enhancing solar capacity but also allowed me versatility for future expansion.”

Why Choose Beyondgreen?

Beyondgreen Solar Solutions distinguishes itself with several unique selling propositions:

  • Fastest Solar Installers: Beyondgreen is known as Pakistan’s fastest solar installer, ensuring swift deployment of solar solutions to meet the nation’s energy demands.
  • Comprehensive After-sales Support: The company understands the significance of after-sales service, offering a complimentary three-year package following installation.
  • Official Distributors and Partners of Solar Components: Beyondgreen exclusively deals in tier-one solar products, ensuring customers access the highest quality and reliability.
  • Karachi’s Premier Solar Brand: Beyondgreen Solar Solutions is recognized as the foremost solar brand in Karachi, marked by a nine-year track record of success.

Solar Solutions’ Journey:

Beyondgreen Solar Solutions’ journey to illuminate Pakistan’s future with sustainable energy is a remarkable story of dedication and excellence. With a growing list of satisfied clients, prestigious awards, and a commitment to quality, it stands tall as the leading solar brand in Karachi and a key player in Pakistan’s transition to cleaner, greener energy sources.

How Beyondgreen is Making Life Easier in Pakistan

Beyondgreen Solar Solutions is making life easier in Pakistan in several ways:

Providing access to affordable and reliable energy:
Solar energy is a clean and affordable source of energy, especially in the long term. Beyondgreen’s solar solutions help Pakistanis reduce their energy costs and save money.

Reducing reliance on fossil fuels:
Pakistan is heavily reliant on fossil fuels, which are a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Beyondgreen’s solar solutions help to reduce Pakistan’s reliance on fossil fuels and create a cleaner and healthier environment.

Promoting sustainable development:
Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy that can help Pakistan meet its long-term energy needs while reducing its environmental impact. Beyondgreen