Daraz 11.11 Uplifts Businesses From 99+ Cities in Pakistan

Daraz 11.11 Uplifts Businesses From 99+ Cities in Pakistan

As this year’s 11.11 sale season approaches, startups and enterprises are preparing to deliver an enhances and joyful customer experience. Retailers realize that it is an excellent time to build their market share and simultaneously contribute towards the growth of the economy.


During this hustle-bustle, Daraz is at the forefront of delivering value to its users. In addition, the much anticipated 11.11 sale is an opportunity for the industry to uplift the business community by onboarding many new high-quality sellers. For this reason, the leading online marketplace, Daraz, has opened up its platform to a plethora of businesses from 99+ cities in Pakistan.

Doing so gives the sellers access to the brand’s large following. For instance, Daraz App has over millions of users, and monthly active users of 35 million across South Asia. This means that businesses who choose to sell on the platform can create greater brand awareness by reaching a wide range of users.

When sellers join the online marketplace, they are exposing their offerings to shoppers whose behavior changes drastically during sales. For example, mega sales prompt 91% of shoppers to purchase from a new brand if they find the product on discount. In fact, 67% of customers may even try new product categories during sales. Eventually, such behavior makes it easy for startups on Daraz to kickstart their business.

Moreover, research shows that 75% of buyers actually stick with the brand they tried for the first time during a sale. Hence, mega sales encourage brand loyalty, contrary to popular misbelief. Additionally, 72% of users plan purchases well in advance when it comes to sales. By choosing their favorite products ahead of time, they place them in their cart – ready to be checked out on sale day.

This way, ecommerce marketplace gives a chance to all forms of sellers to increase their visibility. Simultaneously, it incentivizes sellers to propose special deals and better discounts that the consumers are looking for. Daraz, for example, has partnered with leading brands, including P&G, Unilever, Dawlance, Haier and Sapphire, to offer overall discounts up to 75% during this year’s 11.11.

Bringing businesses from 99+ cities on one channel is not only beneficial for the growth of the business sector in Pakistan, but it will also benefit consumers tremendously. Since there is greater brand availability on Daraz, the platform has researched what the users want to see, how they want to engage and what they want to buy. Based on these insights, the channel decides which brands to highlight, what categories to push and which products to expose.

Ultimately, by onboarding plenty of sellers, Daraz is geared to provide exceptional customer and seller experience on 11.11. Collaborating with all its partners, the South Asian market leader is ready to offer a larger variety of assortments, deepest discounts as well as exciting marketing events at the biggest sale of the year.