Kara Sevda-Endless Love: Turkish Drama Now Available in Urdu Dub

endless love in urdu dub

Many super hit Turkish serials have been dubbed in Urdu to air for the public in Pakistan as the audiences love the glamorous dramas from the friendly nation, now one more smash hit, Kara Sevda or ‘Endless Love‘, has been dubbed in Urdu and is available for viewing in Pakistan.


This masterpiece is being viewed on the TRT Urdu YouTube channel, the state broadcaster which has been sharing many period dramas dubbed in Urdu.

The thing that pulled the audiences for watching this epic series is that one of the main leads of the serial also plays Osman I in Kuruluş: Osman, the sequel to Diriliş: Ertugrul.

The story is a classic Romeo and Juliet plot where two lovers are separated after their families deem them unsuitable for each other but in this story there is a twist where the heroin gets forcefully married to another man who is a psychopath and this is where the love triangle brings the intrigue and drama.

The drama in Urdu is called, Dil Ne Kaha and is now available for viewing in Pakistan.
After gaining millions of views on each episodes on PTV’s YouTube Channel, “Ertugrul: Ghazi” finished airing its first season in Pakistan, PTV has started airing the much awaited season 2 of the Turkish epic in Urdu.