Malnutrition amongst children will be Pakistan’s biggest health concern: Dr. Hina Anees

The right nutrition at the right time is essential for our children’s development, health, and overall mental growth. This prepares them to grow and learn during their schooling and contribute to their society, while also preparing their immune systems for diseases. As per Unicef, the malnutrition situation is quite severe in Pakistan, with stunting becoming prevalent in the country. It does not only pertain to the amount of food consumed but also the quality of diet, children are exposed to. Inadequate forms of nutrition are one of the major reasons for underdeveloped children in our society. This a problem to be taken seriously in the coming years.

Speaking to Nutritionist Hina Anees on this situation, she stated: “The effects of low-quality diet are very evident in the current generation. The lack of healthy and reliable food sources specifically adds to health issues in Pakistan. Children at school-going age require intra-day nutrition to meet their development goals. This can be easily achieved and enhanced via the introduction of small amounts of Flavored milk during their lunch breaks. Malnutrition amongst children will be Pakistan’s biggest health concern and should be the number one priority for parents. encourage milk consumption in children, flavored milk can be considered a healthy source of calcium and vitamin A, and D during the day, provided it’s in the right quantity”

Milk is considered as a staple source of food in children as it is enriched in calcium and vitamins and acts as a catalyst to improve muscle protein synthesis. Some people also regard milk as the ‘new sports drink’ as it restores energy and revitalizes you for what’s coming ahead of you. However, children usually dislike the bland and bitter taste of it and run away from it. Flavored milk can cater to this problem and draw children towards it. Moreover, tetra-packaged sources are much safer for kids right now as the milk available on the shops may have been contaminated with germs and bacteria from the flooding.