Nauroz Drama 2023: Cast, Release Date, Story, Trailer

nauroz drama

Nauroz, the upcoming Pakistani drama produced by Green Entertainment, features Mawra Hocane in the lead role. The plot revolves around the impact of social media on individuals’ lives, highlighting its deceptive nature. With an exceptional storyline and a talented ensemble cast, Nauroz promises an engaging viewing experience. In this article, we will tell you everything we know about the names of the cast members, the captivating story, the airing schedule, the writer, and other details of this remarkable Pakistani drama by Green Entertainment.

Drama Cast:

The cast of the drama Nauroz includes the immensely talented Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gilani, Syed Jibran, Rana Majid, and several other gifted actors.

Nauroz, an upcoming drama on Green TV, is being produced by Imran Raza and Shahzad Kashmiri in collaboration with Nuqta Productions and Multiverse Entertainment. The script for the drama has been penned by Kashif Anwar, while Shahzad Kashmiri takes on the directorial duties.

Nauroz Drama First Look:

Taking to Instagram, Mawra Hocane shared the first Look of the drama serial, here, have a look:

Nauroz Drama Trailer:

The long-awaited drama serial ‘Neem’ has unveiled its highly anticipated first trailer, courtesy of Green Entertainment. Fans who have watched the trailer are now brimming with excitement as they eagerly await the drama’s premiere on their television screens. Take a look at the captivating trailer below:

Drama Story:

The drama series Nauroz revolves around the life of Hina, a young girl residing in a secluded village nestled among mountains. Her father, protective and cautious, keeps her hidden from the outside world.

nauroz 1

He imparts in her the skills of self-defense and eventually sends her to the city for her safety, away from the prying eyes of the village inhabitants. Hina faces numerous challenges upon arriving in the city, as it is her first time venturing beyond her home. However, she encounters Ira, a popular social media influencer, who extends her hospitality and takes her in.

nauroz 2

Ira becomes a guiding figure for Hina, teaching her the ropes of social media and how to monetize her presence on various platforms. Hina’s life undergoes a dramatic transformation as she delves into the world of social media. Her videos rapidly gain traction and become immensely popular within a matter of days. Nonetheless, along with fame comes a set of predicaments. Hina finds herself embroiled in controversy when she raises her voice on social media in support of justice for a girl, leading to unforeseen trouble and complications in her life.

Nauroz Drama Release Date and Timing:

The anticipated release date for the drama Nauroz is May 2023. The complete telecast of the drama will be exclusively aired on the official channel of GREEN TV Entertainment.