Sajjad Ali Top 10 Songs of All Time

Sajjad Ali Top 10 Songs of All Time

One of the most iconic singer that the Pakistani Music Industry has witnessed, who has a unique style of his own has to be Sajjad Ali. Sajjad Ali is a Pakistani semi-classical, pop and rock singer and poet.


People especially love Sajjad Ali because the singer has a very unique voice and he constantly experiments with the sort of music he works with, unconcerned by what is “trending” and going with his own style.

Sajjad Ali has received critical and commercial success throughout his career and has been praised by maestros such as A.R. Rehman himself.

Here are the 10 best songs produced by the singer that you need to listen to now:

Din Pareshan Hai:

One of the most iconic and heartbreaking song with its lyrics and Sajjad Ali’s melodious voice is, Dil Pareshan Hai, which is a tune that has become the trademark for the singer. The song has become a cult classic in Pakistan.

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Tum Naraz Ho:

The song that portrays the last straw in a relationship, it has chronicled how it feels to lose the relationship you thought would last forever. The heavy on the bass song was given a fresh and more toned down take in Coke Studio.

Sohni Lag Di:

One of the most iconic and recognized song of the 90s is “Sohni Lag Di”, featuring iconic actor like Gulshan Grover, the music video is one to remember. An upbeat song with a tragic end for the hero, this song is one to remember.


Cinderella is yet again an entertaining and memorable song that Sajjad Ali had created and that has gone on to become a classic in many rites.


Chief Saab:

A cult classic in its own right, Chief Saab is that uber cool song that has not aged a bit even years after its release. People still quote the lyrics of the iconic song still today.

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Bolo Bolo:

One of the earlier hits of Sajjad Ali, the song is upbeat, slowed and mellowed down by Sajjad Ali’s mellow voice. The song was given a rock style rendition by Fawad Khan in Coke Studio.

Tera Naam:

One of the few original sings by Coke Studio, Tera Naam is a creation by Strings that ropes and pulls in the listener as the enchanting lyrics fill the soul. The song has been delivered to perfection by Sajjad Ali himself.

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Jhullay Laal:

A sufi track was inevitable to appear in Sajjad Ali’s playlist as the singer possesses a deep and soothing voice. Jhoolay Laal has been given a folk song beat to it as well. It was yet again rendered later by Coke Studio.

Kuch Larkiyaan:

The most “chill song” of the Pakistani Music Industry has to be hands down, “Kuch Larkiyaan”. The song is heavy with the classic 90s music.