Salute Movie Trailer Brings Aitzaz Hasan’s Sacrifice to Life

Salute Pakistani Movie Poster

Pakistani movie Salute that pays tribute to the courageous soul of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Aitzaz Hassan has finally released its much-awaited trailer. Directed and produced by Shahzad Rafique, the movie’s cast includes Ali Mohtesham, Ajab Gul and Saima Noor in lead roles.

Watch the official trailer of Salute movie here:

The trailer shows Hasan’s mother talking about his passion for joining the armed forces in the background whereas, we see investigative forces and the military discussing the terrorism in the country and the extremists planning attacks.

Salute Movie Poster

A biographical film, Salute is based on the ultimate sacrifice of Aitzaz Hasan. The great Pakistani kid from Hangu who sacrificed his life by stopping a suicide bomber from attempting to blow his school. However, his bravery ended up saving up to 2,000 lives.

Salute Movie Shooting

Here you can see the cameras are on its roll. The director of this amazing film aims to reinvigorate a sense of faith, courage, and sacrifice in the nation. Therefore, he is also planning to screen the movie at all schools in Pakistan.