Who is the winner in the battle of smartphone supremacy Camon 15 or Infinix S5

TECNO and Infinix are the two smartphone brand, which always remains in the cut-throat competition since their emergence. Both the brands target the same segment of audience and regions. Recently TECNO launches its first-ever flagship phone Camon 15, while Infinix comes up with S5 pro. Choosing one brand over the other is certainly a hard decision as these phones share several common features like pop up camera, specifications, features, and design.

But looking at the performance level and consumer reviews, we can say that TECNO Camon 15 has beaten the Infinix S5. From an innovative phone launch event to specs, features, price, and product quality TECNO has cornered the market. Here’s how TECNO Camon 15 has taken the lead.

  • TECNO Camon 15 takes advantage of the larger screen of the 6.6-inch display screen while Infinix S5 has less than 6.3″ display size. Moreover, TECNO Camon 15 is far better in terms of HD quality, resolution, and color quality.

    Who is the winner in the battle of smartphone supremacy Camon 15 or Infinix S5

  • Major features that outstand in both the devices is the camera. The customers and the tech experts have observed that Camon 15 premier camera performance is far better in every aspect than Infinix S5 pro. Camon 15 comes with a 48MP + 5MP + 2MP while S5 Pro comes with 48 MP + 2 MP. Its rear camera got higher megapixel than Infinix, giving Camon 15 pro a one-step head in this position. The Camonselfie camera comes with 32MP pop up while the S5 Pro has a 16MP pop-up selfie camera. Here also Camon 15 wins in the number of megapixels it has been offering at such an amazingly reasonable price as a flagship phone.

  • Camon 15 comes out significantly ahead in the storage segment too, it has 6GB RAM and a larger 128GB internal storage. Whereas Infinix S5 Pro has 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM.

    Who is the winner in the battle of smartphone supremacy Camon 15 or Infinix S5

Although both share expandable memory of 256 GB, it is observed that gaming playing in Infinix Pro is not smooth while in Camon 15 Pro there are hardly any lags, which allows interrupted entertainment.

  • Coming to the body of both phones, Camon 15 pro comfortably fits in hand, with glossy outlook a user can flaunt it in two decent colors Ice Jadeite, and Opal White. Infinix S5 Pro has a slightly broader body, available in green and magenta colors, which are too bright and don’t give a sophisticated outlook.

In the battle of smartphone supremacy between Camon 15 and Infinix S5, the former is clearly a winner. Though Infinix S5 is a fairly decent phone at the price of 23,4999 PKR. But it has failed badly in its most highlighted feature, pop up selfie camera. Especially on comparing it to premium Camon 15 Pro. Thus if you are looking for the best pop-up camera with great specs and a camera to cater to your professional photography needs then go for the Camon 15 Pro.