Abrar ul Haq Performs in London After Quitting PTI, Gets Trolled By Netizens

Singer Abrarul Haq’s recent performance in London has sparked considerable backlash among social media users, drawing attention just a day after his separation from PTI.

Videos of his lively performance, featuring his popular songs, have been circulating on Twitter. Journalist Murtaza Ali Shah shed light on the event, stating that it was organized by former PTI leader Aleem Khan’s housing society, adding another layer to the discussion.

Here, have a look at the video:

The singer is facing backlash for his “crocodile tears,” during his resignation from the PTI last week. During a press conference on May 26, a visibly emotional Abrar stated, “For the time being, I am distancing myself from politics. I no longer perceive politics as a means of serving the people.”

A user commented, expressing their view on Abrarul Haq’s departure from PTI, stating, “Yesterday, Abrarul Haq shed insincere tears as he quit PTI.”

Another user remarked that Abrar’s actions served as a signal for others to emulate.

Another Twitter user said that Abrar should have waited a few more days after shedding ‘crocodile tears.’

abrar ul haq

During an interview in London, reporters inquired about Abrar’s emotional state when he resigned from PTI. He responded, “I had a wonderful experience in PTI, working alongside the leadership and the workers. However, the events of May 9… I didn’t have any chance to truly serve the people.”

When asked by reporters if he had been “threatened” or “blackmailed” to leave the Imran Khan-led party, he firmly denied such claims. In response to a question about his potential return to politics, he expressed a desire to take a break, saying, “For now, I just want to relax.”

He chose not to address the rumors regarding threats to his family in relation to his departure from the party.

However, The concert, headlined by the esteemed singer Abrarul Haq, took an unforeseen twist as supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) swarmed the artist after his performance. The incident escalated into heated confrontations and physical altercations, compelling the organizers to summon the police for intervention and to restore order.

Amidst the intensifying situation, the concert organizers reached out to the authorities for assistance. The London police promptly arrived at the venue and effectively managed the circumstances. To ensure Abrarul Haq’s safety, they escorted him away from the premises under their protection. The incident visibly shook the singer, as seen in a circulating video where he hesitated to step out of his vehicle due to the earlier commotion at the concert. Videos capturing the performance of the renowned singer and the subsequent unrest have garnered significant attention on various social media platforms.