Ali Sethi’s “Ishq Summer Nights Mix” Bacame a new Fire on Social Media

Ali Sethi’s "Ishq Summer Nights Mix" Bacame a new Fire on Social Media

Famous Pakistani singer Ali Sethi paid honor to renowned Urdu poet Siraj Aurangabadi with his new song “Ishq”.

The singer’s new song is predicated on Siraj Aurangabadi’s ghazal ‘Khabar Taher Ishq’ during which Ali Sethi was accompanied by Grammy Award-winning musician Noah Georgeson.

If you liked Ali Sethi’s Ishq, you’re certain a treat because the singer just dropped a more upbeat version of the song which consistent with Sethi are some things you’ll play on a long, sultry drive, or while dancing with a deadly-beautiful beloved, and that we couldn’t agree more, because the beat almost sent us into a trance.

The remake titled Ishq Summer Nights Mix has been mixed by Grammy-winning musician Noah Georgeson and Danish Khawaja. Georgeson has also produced the song.