Best Affordable Electric Heaters to Buy in Pakisan 2022

If you are here searching for ‘Heaters,’ it means winter has arrived, and you want to enjoy those cold winter nights without worrying about getting sick.

In this modern era, people usually have a centralized heating system built in their houses, however, many Pakistanis still prefer to have a portable heater in their houses. Instead of getting those old and heavy combustible heaters, people now prefer electric heaters as they are more reliable, safe, environment friendly, and energy efficient. Unlike combustible heaters, Electric heaters can be placed in any confined and closed space.

In the Pakistani market, you can get a large variety of Electric Heaters. Here we have made a list of electric heaters that best suits your needs, are super value for money, and will also look super stylish in your room, tv lounge, or any other area of your home.

1- Seco Quartz 2-Rod Electric Heater

Seco is a popular Japanese company, that is well-known for providing high-quality, stylish heaters at a very affordable price.  Seco’s quartz is probably the most affordable and portable heater for domestic use which includes 2 temperature settings for 200W and 400W. This heater is super energy-efficient which will keep your electricity bills in check. The heater also has over-heat protection technology which makes sure that can use the heater in closed spaces. This will cost you around Rs 2,499.

2- Sogo Halogen Heater JPN-119

Sogo Halogen is a mini fan heater and has Two heating power: 300W/600WP. Due to its small-sized plastic body, it is very lightweight and can be carried easily almost anywhere in the house. But don’t judge it by its small size it can increase the room’s temperature within an hour. You can get this heater for just Rs 3,999.

3- Seco Electric Sun Quartz Halogen Heater

The Seco Electric Sun is well known for its energy-saving feature, This is also a revolving electric fan heater with 2 heating options. However, The Seco Electric Sun contains energy-saving carbon fiber and consumes a 250W current, it also has a timer and revolving functions which are responsible for saving energy. It comes with a Halogen technology that is best for confined spaces and provides long-lasting heat. It is priced at Rs 5,500.

4- Seco Ceramic Fan Heater

The Seco Ceramic Fan Heater became popular in Pakistan for providing multiple features compared to other competitor heaters. It can provide you with hot wind, warm temperature, or cool temperature. It works for two different settings at 640 W and 1300W and also comes with carbon fiber which helps in energy saving. This heater also stands out from other electric heaters due to its 1-hour timer and revolving option. All of this for just Rs 7,000.

5- E-lite EQH-80Y4 Quartz Heater

This E-lite brand heater has two halogen rods with an adjustable temperature control feature that lets you adjust the warmth according to the requirement. This heater comes with a reliable plastic body and 800W heating power, this heater will cost you about Rs 2,599 which is quite affordable for such features.

6- Geepas Quartz Electric Heater

Geepas Quartz is a 4-tube Electric Heater and can provide 4 different levels of heat. This heater uses a chromed metal wire for heat generation and consumes a power of 1200W. The heater also provides you with protection with its metal grid. Moreover, it has an oscillating function that releases hot air. You can get this heater for just Rs. 5,999.

7- Sogo Portable Fan Heater

Sogo Portable Fan Heater comes with a small and portable design which makes it ideal for homes and confined spaces. It consumes energy up to 220-240V. This heater has three temperature settings, warm, hot, and cool with 2 heat settings of 650W and 1200W.

This heater will cost you just Rs. 2,799.