BODY WORN CAMERAS – More than just footage producers

Digitization has taken the world by storm. It is indeed the new industrial revolution whereby big data accumulation, automation to reduce discrepancies and building further efficiencies has become the mantra of every industry, every business segment. The onus is heavier on the service sector, where transparency builds trust in the processes and there is a constant competition on the ‘convenience’ and ‘speed’ fronts. Nevertheless, the private entities have been more accepting of these changes, however, there is still a lot to be desired, while the state of affairs of the public service providers paint a drastically different picture.

Law Enforcement Agencies constitute one such division of public services which in spite of their initiatives, hard work, devotion and even plenty of sacrifices still face a whole plethora of  challenges, top most being their image in the eyes of general public. There is a huge lack of trust on their capabilities, undying faith about their corruption and the rumor mill of the civilians also adds fuel to the fire. There are many challenges and issues which will not vanish overnight, but through technology implementation, the march towards that direction will begin.

The service industry, where people are themselves the product and the harnessers of customer service and satisfaction, it is imperative that all client facing people are trained to truly represent the organization, product or brand. Even when this is done quite intricately, it has been observed that it is important to keep an eye on the service levels, the bedside manners, the soft skills and hard skills being implemented in the desired manner or not. Our observations show that hospital management and airport staff and even banking customer support falls short at times with furious customers launching complaints, tarnishing the prestige on social media or in worst cases initiate lawsuits. Small lapse in details can become a nightmare, but imagine all the customer-facing people wearing a camera on their suit or uniform will provide for a blissful heaven for quality assurance personnel. They will be able to implement, check conformance, monitor deviations and devise a flawless plan of action to exceed customer expectations. HR personnel can have a brilliant tool to devise and rate KPIs and eventually appraise people. The people wearing the camera will also give-in to the ‘watching eye’ and be on their best behavior saving lots of unnecessary costs to the organization.

iTecknologi Group of Companies thrives on introducing the most innovative tech to Pakistani market and their flagship iTecknologi Asset Tracking and Security company possesses all sorts of security, monitoring and surveillance solutions. This is one of the offerings that their product team believes should be a compulsory addition to the uniform of LEA personnel on the field, or any frontline official dealing with clients for unprecedented customer delight. This will also provide for a huge data-mine which will uncover uncountable insights into customer interactions.  What’s best is that the equipment backed by state-of-the-art application has all the capabilities which one can think of.

The salient points of transparency, checks and balances, anti-corruption tool, providing efficiencies, a better Image and most of all the big data accumulation, make Body Worn Cameras a no brainer. The transparency bit will check a lot of boxes covering both ends of the spectrum. The officer will refrain from any misdeed, bad behavior, abuse of power and the organization will be able to showcase the positive material. The other end of the line consists of us, the general public, who will also behave knowing that everything is being captured.

By now you can actually feel this assisting in bringing down the corruption propagation by officers and the public. Implementing these cameras will make the bribe’s kitty quite empty. Knowing that someone is watching your moves, makes people do their work in a more professional way and doing anything unlawful will become out of the question since everyone wants to keep their job, dignity and a secure future.

There are many intrinsic and alternate advantages attached to having a body cam on officers like increase in productive job hours seems quite obvious. There will be less complacency pertaining to hours on the job and more dedication. This has the potential of making numerous elements automated, for example even the personnel’s attendance can be captured with time stamped powering up of the camera.

Last but not the least, accrual of this data will provide for a lot of analysis which will help in future decisions pertaining to deployment as well as training needs. The data can also provide for a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system, which will devise performance matrix and easy checks and balances on various aspects of the job, activities, tasks as well as skills of the officers.

Based on International standards, iTecknologi Asset Tracking and Security solutions in general and body worn cams in particular open up doors for endless possibilities for many industries to ascend their performance and also inculcate a positive image in front of everyone.