How to Apply for Canada Express Entry Visa in Pakistan

How to Apply for Canada Express Entry Visa in Pakistan

Canadian Visa is considered to be one of the most valued in the entire world with high literacy and employment level and low inflation levels, it is an ideal place to live and make a living in.


Canada is also a truly multicultural country with people working and living there from all over the world without facing any difficulties, which makes it an ideal place for Pakistanis to go to.

In 2011, StatsCan reported that 109, 000 Pakistanis from cities such as Lahore, Multan, and Islamabad live in the province of Ontario and 90, 000 of them chose to settle in the capital city of Toronto.

In June 2020, Canada’s economy added 378, 000 new jobs in Ontario alone, which is an attractive factor for Pakistanis looking for work opportunities.

Some of the most popular Immigration plans include:

  1. Skilled Worker Immigration via Express Entry: If you’re a skilled worker who lives in Pakistan and would like to relocate to Ontario, Canada you may qualify for Express Entry immigration and move to Canada in as little as 6-months. Skilled workers are those with management experience, trade skills like certified electricians or professionals like nurses and teachers.
  2. Semi-Skilled Worker Immigration via Ontario In-Demand Skills Stream: If you’re a semi-skilled worker who lives in Pakistan and would like to relocate to Ontario, Canada you may qualify for the Ontario In-demand Skills Stream and earn permanent residency in Canada.
  3. Study in Canada for a Permanent Future: Pakistanis who study in Canada have a greater chance to earn permanent residency. That’s because Canada prefers people with Canadian education and work experience. By completing a study program of at least 6-months at a Canadian post-secondary institution you could be eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit which allows you to work for any employer in Canada.

Important Pr-Requisites for Applying:

In order to apply for a Express Entry Visa in Canada, candidates have to score high in either IELTS test or an online eligibility test set by the Canadian government.

Here are the important things you need to know before applying for visa for Canada.

  • Exceptional English Language Skills BY attempting IELTS: CLB level 9, passed with score of 8 bands in listening and 7 bands in other 3 sections, can guarantee Express Entry Visa for permanent Residents in 6 months. People can apply with such high scores in Skilled Migration Category.
  • By scoring minimum 6.5 band in CLB level 9, a person can enter into the pool of suitable candidates but not for Express Entry Visa for permanent Residents in 6 months rather 1-2 years.
  • People can also see if they should apply for Express visa by taking an online eligibility test set by Canada, where you can enter your age, education level, work experience, English scores etc and in turn your profile will be scored. If someone gets 50-60 point difference then the cutoff that is set which is 471, then they will not be shortlisted.
  • It is worth noting that your profession is not of much significance if someone passes both CLB Level 9 test and online eligibility test with a good score.
  • In order to meet minimum score, the degree should be higher I.e. Masters, PHd etc, otherwise your score will drop.
  • Ideal age bracket for high score in online eligibility test is under 30 years as they contribute more to the economy.
  • At-least 3 year’s work experience is ideal for high score in online eligibility test.
  • If a person is married, their CLB score and work experience can add points to your profile in online eligibility test.

Student Visa:

  • Admission in a Canadian university.
  • Must submit 20,000 Canadian dollars to gain entry into the country of which you get half the money back.
  • Work permit and permanent residence will be awarded as soon as prerequisites are fulfilled once you are in the country.