Convenience of ‘PTCL Bill’

Convenience of 'PTCL Bill'

Customers today are highly evolved and accustomed to getting efficiency, convenience and innovation that is breakthroughs-in-one solution to uplift the brand experience. Be it shopping for new products or services or paying all their bills using a single service; they all seek convenience.


Nothing is more satisfying for a customer then to pay all their bills from one place, so they don’t have to endure the hassle of managing bill payments through different channels. After doing a research, we found out that PTCL is one of the companies that has managed to come up with a solution to all our bill payment issues.

PTCL’s monthly bill not only gives-its customers the ease of paying their telephone line, broadband and Smart TV from one platform, but customers can also subscribe and pay for other products and services offered by the company. These products and services include Netflix, Starz Play by Cinepax and PTCL CharJi device.

Furthermore, customers can also receive their bill through email, SMS or generate a Duplicate bill from the website. Moreover, they can download PTCL Touch App from Google Play Store or Apple and view their bill and data usage on the go.

You don’t need a credit or debit card to pay for Netflix or Starzplay as PTCL gives its customers the convenience of paying for all these services through your monthly bill. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in any foreign currency rate for these global streaming services because PTCL gives you the option to pay for them at a fixed price.

For instance, Starz Play by Cinepax is a service that you can subscribe through PTCL and you can access all the latest Hollywood blockbusters on multiple screens. All you have to do is pay for all the subscribed services through your monthly PTCL bill and you don’t need to pay for it separately, thus providing you a hassle free way to enjoy the service.

Another convenience that it offers you is eliminating the trouble of having to recharge your CharJi device every month. With PTCL bill, you will incur recurring charges of your CharJi packages monthly without having to pay the recharge amount every time.

ptcl starzplay bill

In the image below of a sample E-bill, you can see how you can access the website by tapping on A and also pay your bill by tapping on B. PTCL makes your life easy by giving you digital bill payment options that can easily be accessed from the comfort of your home.

ptcl bill

Summing up, this only proves that brands like PTCL who encourage customers to offer maximum convenience to its customers can continuously strive to enhance the accessibility of their services.So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to your desired services through PTCL and make your life trouble-free. With the second wave in COVID-19 upon us, this is the best option, so stay home and stay safe!