Darkest Hour: Asim Azhar To Release First ‘Global Collaboration’ with Norwegian singer Astrid S

Undoubtedly, Asim Azhar has solidified his place as a renowned singer not just in Pakistan but all around the world. As we speak, he’s captivating audiences on his tours in the United States and the United Kingdom. And, brace yourselves, folks, because it gets even more exciting! Azhar is all set to team up with Norwegian singer and songwriter, Astrid S, in a collaboration that’s sure to be epic.

This marks a pivotal moment in Azhar’s career as he gears up for his debut international collaboration. The cherry on top? He’ll be lending his soulful vocals to Astrid S’ revamped version of ‘Darkest Hour’.

Taking to Instagram, the “Someone New” singer shared thrilling news, saying, “I’m bursting with excitement! Asim Azhar will join me for his inaugural worldwide [collaboration] on ‘Darkest Hour’!” She posted a snippet of the song, featuring Azhar singing in both Urdu and English.

In her post, Astrid also revealed that she’s ‘going to India for the first time in a few weeks and that she’s hopeful to meet as many fans as possible.’

The singer of “Ghalat Fehmi,” Asim Azhar also made an announcement on his Instagram story regarding his first global collaboration with Astrid S and that the song ‘Darkest Hour’ will be released “very soon.”

asim azhar astrid S new song

What do you get when you bring together two talented artists signed under the same global label? A collaboration that’s sure to set the world on fire! That’s exactly what’s happening with Azhar and Astrid S, both signed under Universal Music but from different countries. The exciting news was shared by none other than Universal Music Norway, who also gave fans a sneak peek of what’s to come. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, because this collaboration is going to be epic!