Google to Shut Down Paid Chrome Extensions

Google to Shut Down Paid Chrome Extensions

Powering up the Chrome browser with paid extension is one of the ways to get a full and exciting experience of browsing the internet. But recently, Google has announced that it will be shutting down paid Chrome extensions offered on the Chrome Web Store.


With works already in store since March, according to Google, developers can no longer make new paid extensions, which means that developers who are trying to monetize their extensions will have to do so with other payment-handling systems.

This will be followed by a number of phases with the last phase on February 1st, Google says that existing extensions can no longer charge customers using the Chrome Web Store’s payments system.


google shutting down paid extensions

The full timeline entails:

21st September 2020: No one can make new in-app items or paid extensions.
1st December 2020: All the free trials will be disabled. Moreover, all the in-app free trial options will show an error and all the “Try Now” buttons will be no longer visible on the screens.

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1st February 2021: All your existing in-app purchases and items will not be allowed to charge money using the Chrome Web store payment method.

In the Future: The licensing API of Google will not allow you to control your users’ license status.

These changes in Google’s model are being made in order to eliminate the fraudulent activities done through these extentions.