Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas to open after Eid in Punjab

Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas to open after Eid in Punjab

Punjab government has decided to allow hotels, restaurants and cinemas across the province to open after Eid.The decision comes after the lockdown eases up in the country after two month long lockdown.

“Restaurants and hotels that are already offering takeaway services at present with the government-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) will open their doors after Eid”, sources within the home department said.

They said cinemas and theatres in the province will also be permitted to open after Eid under the SOPs.

Issuing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and safety measures for businesses to avoid the spread of the virus, on May 9, the government started lifting the weeks-long lockdown that was enforced to curb the spread of the coronavirus and opened up various sectors.
The Supreme Court earlier this week ordered the government to open all the shopping malls across the country.

“People will die of hunger even if they survive COVID-19 if the business activities are not resumed in the country,” Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed had remarked while heading a five-member bench of the Supreme Court that heard the suo moto case regarding measures taken by the government to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Provincial government also eased restrictions in Karachi on Tuesday after remaining in lockdown for almost 2 months. Though the Supreme Court denies that Pakistan is amongst the country that is seriously hit by the pandemic, the death toll of confirmed cases in the country continue to grow by the day.

The narrative being used by the Prime Minister has put the whole nation at crossroads as he says that even if the nation survives corona virus, we won’t be able to survive the economic downfall.

Experts in Pakistan have warned against the premature easing of lockdown restrictions, fearing an exponential rise in infections. One healthcare worker said: “Everyone’s scared and exhausted. But we are fighting, we are pushing the limits. All we ask is that government and people understand that they can help us help them by staying at home and providing us quality protective gear.”

With at least 43,966 confirmed cases and more than 900 deaths since March, and at least 500 Pakistani healthcare workers infected too, one might ask that if the decision to open the malls in the city is a wise decision or one which will bring unprecedented dangers.