Pakistani celebrities join Shany for “Ye Watan Tumhara Hai” Cover

Pakistani celebrities join Shany for “Ye Watan Tumhara Hai” Cover

With celebrities in Pakistan making short films, series and even financially aiding people in order to spread awareness regarding the dangers and precautions of the global pandemic, they are back again celebrating the unsung heroes battling this disease on the frontlines.

Uniting for a cover of Mehdi Hasan’s “Ye Watan Tumhara Hai”, several Pakistani celebrities are paying ode to the doctors, healthcare workers and frontline workers in latest video.

The soundtrack has been produced by Naqash Haider (Shany) while the project is managed and produced by Haris Qadeer.

Shany has taken this legendary composition and presented with a new twist. Ahsan Khan, Faysal Quraishi and others open the track which is followed by Adnan Siddiqui on a flute. Imran Abbas, Zara Noor Abbas, Zhalay Sarhadi, Gohar Rasheed, Hira Mani, Asma Abbas, Anoushey Abbasi, Nimra Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Omer Shahzad, Asad Siddiqui, Yasir Hussain, Sadia Khan, Mani and Zubab Rana are others who have sang and recorded short clips and combined them all.

The beautiful tribute brings together only actors which showcases their singing and musical talent beautifully.

As per to the song’s description, the rendition is “dedicated to the nation’s unsung heroes and all those waging war against the pandemic. It is a salute to the armed forces, doctors, engineers, scientists, artists, overseas Pakistanis and the entire Nation.”

This effort by the celebrities combines the beautiful sentiments and gratitude that the nation has for these unsung heroes who without caring for their own lives, are serving millions.