How Coronavirus also affect the Internet/ Social Influencers

How Coronavirus also affect the Internet/ Social Influencers

In the wake of the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus and the spread of the COVID 19 epidemic, YouTube and social media influencers are now in deep trouble. Before that, they were playing at home in millions or even crores.

Alex O’Higgins, who made the video for the trip, was to spend the first six months of this year in Finland, the Maldives, Ethiopia, and other countries but is now at home. She used to earn a lot of money every month and now she barely earns 100 pounds a month. This is because travel is closed all over the world and no one is watching their channel. According to Alex, she is currently covering her expenses with the money she has saved.

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Like Alex, Karen Baidu, author of the May Travelers blog, has seen her earnings drop by 95% since January this year and barely managed to earn 350 this month. Karen quit her job as a lawyer four years ago and is now living off her savings and investment profits.

Israel Kassoul is known on Instagram as Birkin Boy. They promote her brands and have over Rs 20 million worth of handbags. Now they have to take money from their father. He used to charge hundreds of dollars for attending every event but now no one sees his post and no one buys it because the whole world is closed.

Mandy Rose Jones, who promotes many companies’ products, says she can’t do anything now but hopes to be able to promote some brands of clothing from her home in the heat of summer.