How to Become a Pilot in Pakistan

Pilot and co pilot in the cockpit during a flight with commercial airplane.

Almost Everyone in their childhood fantasizes about becoming a Pilot when they grow up. Well, why shouldn’t they? Becoming a pilot is one of the most interesting and rewarding careers one can imagine. Who wouldn’t want to command a huge plane filled with hundreds of people flying through the skies and visiting countries all around the world?

However, most Pakistanis are unable to pursue this career because it is not as easy as one thinks. It requires you to get a degree with exceptional marks, clear physical tests, interviews, and really tough interviews, and you should also have good financial resources. After all this, they go through really hard training, and then only a handful of pilots are able to proceed with their dreams. However, most of the people who want to choose this career don’t even know the steps that are required to become a pilot.

If you are also one of those boys and girls whose dream and passion is to become a successful pilot in Pakistan but don’t know how? then you have come to the right place. Here, I will tell you about all the things you need to do to become a successful pilot and fulfill your dream to fly.

1- Academics

The first thing you need to do is get your academic credentials. You must have a minimum 2nd division in your Fs.c/12 year of study. It is highly recommended that you complete your matriculation and intermediate degree with Science subjects because it will help you understand aviation’s intricacies. However, it does not mean that if you have studied non-science you are ineligible to become a pilot, but it will affect your brain development to understand the basics of physics and science involved in the aviation career.

2- Medical Eligibility

Once you are done with your required qualification, the next thing you need is to get your medical checkup done. This is to determine whether you are physically and mentally fit to fly a plane or not. For this, you can visit any flight school that can suggest you a good hospital for your physical and psychological tests.

3- Career Options

Most of the people who aspire to be a pilot know what they want to do in their career and what they want to achieve in their career, but many don’t even know what career options they will get a pilot license. It is very important to decide what kind of pilot you want to be, So, Here is a list of what you can be once you get a license.

  • Airline pilot for large airlines or smaller regional ones
  • Agricultural pilot and many more options
  • Flight Instructor
  • Corporate or business aviation pilot
  • Cargo pilot
  • Medical/Air ambulance pilots
  • Charter/Air taxi pilot

4- Go to a Flying Schools

In Pakistan, there are only 15 flying schools that offer various pilot training programs from which to choose. Once, you register with the school, you can start your commercial pilot training.

After completing your training, you will need to transfer your license to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority or you can apply for a pilot program with an airline. Then, there are good chances that you will be hired by the airlines that have set up the program once you have completed your pilot training.

5- Starting your Practical Flying

Now you will need a Student Pilot License (SPL), which will allow you to start your practical flying. For this, your medical, academic, and security documentation would be required to forward to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

After that, if you need to get a Private Pilot License (PPL), you would have to complete a 40 hours-long flight time after receiving your SPL. Then for your CPL, you would be required to complete another 110 hours of flight time.

You must additionally complete another 40 hours of flight time for IR. So, to sum up, you will have to complete a total of 190 hours of flight time throughout your practical training. Depending on the country and which school you chose, the entire procedure can cost you up to Rs. 4-5 Million.