Hyundai Tucson: Specs, Features, Performance, Price and Availability in Pakistan

Hyundai Tucson: Specs, Features, Performance, Price and Availability in Pakistan

Hyundai Nishat, the authorised assembler of Hyundai Motors in Pakistan started its production in early 2019 in Faisalabad. Since its foundation, they set their eyes on developing hybrid SUV and at last, they have tossed their contribution to the blend and have produced their very own hybrid SUV, the new Hyundai Tuscon. The new Hyundai Tuscon was uncovered for the first time back in February 2020 in Pakistan.


Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the launch was delayed till August 2020. Initial it was panned to launch in June 2020. The SUV has at last been launched after lots of waiting the expectations can be put aside as the vehicle is currently at long last here in the markets.

The digital launch session hosted by artists Ayesha Omar and Ali Rehman Khan, the new Tucson was uncovered to the public which streamed live on Facebook. The digital launch also highlighted its specs, safety and convenience features, followed by its price and little bit about the SUV itself.

The Hyundai Tuscon can be classified as a reduced hybrid SUV because of its compact design. The SUV consists of 5 doors and a 2-row seating layout which fits pleasantly the profile of a sub-compact SUV, just like, the Honda Vezel/HR-V and a mid-sized SUV, like, the Toyota Fortuner, much the same as its Korean counterpart, the Kia Sportage.

Despite the fact that the Hyundai Tucson being offered in Pakistan is a facelift variant of the third generation vehicle, which is destined to be supplanted by the fourth generation Tucson in the international market, by offering a not too bad scope of features and specifications. Hyundai’s most recent contribution in the compact SUV portion is by all accounts a commendable competitor for other automobile companies.

As reported by assistant manager Hyundai Pakistan Agha Qasim, it is important to note that the new Hyundai Tuscon is being offered in 2 variants, i.e., the GLS Sport version and the Ultimate version. The way they differ from one another will be talked about later on.

All things considered, here’s everything about the brand new Hyundai Tuscon:


The Hyundai Tuscon upon its very first impression looks just like each different crossover within the market. In any case, upon nearer observation, you can easily tell that it is unquestionably a Hyundai, with its brand name, huge and imposing front grille, precise oval-ish headlights and taillights, smooth streaming lines and a round outline, making up a genuinely basic, yet an attractive vehicle, rather than a considerably more polarizing Kia Sportage.

With Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) installed in Penta-LED Headlamps with cutting edges that give the Hyundai Tuscon a contemporary look. At the bottom of the bumper beneath the hexagonal chrome grill, you will spot a skid-plate that makes the car look tough and off-road-ready (which might not be its purpose). You also get fog lamps and LED Daytime Running Lights at the bottom as well.

Hyundai Tucson Side view


Built-in turn signals power-worked side mirrors will welcome you on the side. You will get a bit of a gutsy feel as soon as you spot the silver roof rails and chrome door-handles otherwise the SUV has a very sophisticated side profile. Likewise, the vehicle features side-decorate which gives the Tuscon a tough look.

You will find the prolonged oval-ish taillights, trademark to the Hyundai structure if you go towards its back, a few back reflectors at the base and a shark-balance antenna wire at the back both for style and better radio sign gathering.

Hyundai Tucson rear view


The theme of nuance likewise proceeds in the interior, with a plan that is shortsighted yet contemporary and the cabin space, which is abundant, making the Hyundai Tuscon a decent spot to spent leisure time, get groceries and take a family of five around in, without breaking any ease and comfort.

Hyundai Tucson interior view

Hyundai Tuscon also has a lot of intriguing features and gadgets to be explored. To control different features and elements of your car, you get multi-control steering a Smart HD AVN infotainment system with voice recognition, a panoramic sunroof that can retract to reveal up to 70% of the glass roof, which is the best retraction capability for a sunroof in the entire market.

The Ultimate variation likewise offers delicate, smooth and rich leather seats though the GLS Sport variation offers delicate and fine quality texture situates that can heft you and your family around in solace and make the movement comfortable. You additionally also get a sizeable trunk space in the back with foldable back seats, the trunk space can be expanded if you wish to move bigger things.


As stated before the Hyundai Tuscon will reportedly be offered in 2 variants, namely the GLS Sport and the Ultimate. Both will include a naturally aspirated 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that makes a maximum 155 horsepower and 196 Newton/Meters of torque, mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

As expected there are some key differences in the middle of the two variations, for example, the GLS Sport’s drivetrain sends power just to the front wheels, while the Ultimate variation’s drivetrain with an electronic center differential lock, sends power to each of the four wheels constantly. In any case, it is a front-wheel one-sided all-wheel-drive framework, so clutching the street may be tricky for this SUV in extreme circumstances.

The Hyundai Tuscon allows you to browse from three driving modes, which are, Eco, Sport and Comfort mode. Every mode changes up the controlling feel and throttles reaction of the car.

Tech Features (Convenience and Safety):

It merits seeing that the Hyundai Tucson is stacked with all the important present-day tech-features. Additionally, other than the previously mentioned differences, the spec-sheet for both, the lesser GLS Sport and the better Ultimate variation, shows up very comparable. Following is a rundown of features that you can get in the Tucson:

Convenience Safety
Power Tailgate Central Power Door locks
Advanced Gauge Cluster with a Digital Screen Impact Sensing Door locks
Hyundai Auto Link Immobilizer System & Burglar Alarm
Wireless Phone Charger Parking Assist
Dual Zone FATC with Cluster Ionizer Backup Camera
Auto defogging system ABS Brakes with EBD and BA Technology
Outside Rear View Mirror Electric folding with heated function Downhill and Hill-start Brake Assist
Puddle lamp Electronic Parking Brake
Rear AC Vents and Cooled Glove Box Speed Sensing Auto Door lock
Keyless entry and go Electronic Stability Control
4-way adjustable steering wheel Adaptive Cruise Control
8-way power adjusted driver & Passenger seat Driver and front Passenger Airbags
Reclinable rear seats. Traction Control


Price and Availability:

At the end floor was given over to Malik Adnan, General Manager Sales and Marketing Division, by the hosts in the digital launch session. Who talked eagerly about the launch of the new Tucson, and revealed the much-awaited price of the Hyundai Tucson.

Malik Adnan revealed that the GLS Sport can be had for Rs. 4,899,000 while the Ultimate can be had for Rs. 5,399,000, which puts it directly at the Sportage’s Pricing territory. He also told that the booking of the SUV will start from August 12, 2020. In the end Hyundai also mentioned that these are just introductory prices (similar to how Kia Sportage was launched) and applicable for a limited time only.

Only two days into the dispatch of the SUV, as was expected Hyundai Nishat has just raised the cost of the fresh out of the brand new Tucson by Rs. 200,000. Presently, according to the reports after the raised prices, the GLS Sport is esteemed at Rs. 5,099,000 and the Ultimate variation at Rs. 5,599,000, after the Rs. 200,000 value climb.

For those planning to get their hands on the new Tucson, you will have to call +92-42 111 111 466 or visit to book the SUV.


As the individuals currently have more options as they search for new cars Hyundai and Kia both are in for some genuine rivalry, as they’re both evaluated similarly. Given the way that the Hyundai Tucson and the Kia Sportage are equivalent underneath the skin, and Kia Sportage has gotten a hit in the market it merits referencing that both the oppositions would be to improving big time.

With the automakers selling vehicles that were 2 ages-old, at the cost of the new. The ascent of rivalry is likewise liable to light a fire under the previous automaker’s feet, pushing them to begin offering better vehicles at a legitimized cost, just as for the car market to turn into a strong supporter of the economy.