IBA halts classes for two days after students contracts COVID-19

iba shut down for 2 days after students contracts COVID-19

Just after 2 days of opening the institutions, IBA has decided to close yet again for 2 days after a case of Covid-19 was detected in at least two student.


“Due to COVID-19 related concerns, the management has decided to suspend classes for two days starting September 17,” the university’s head of communications, Haris Tohid said.

Tohid said that during this time, the varsity’s management will be increasing the COVID-19 testing of the IBA community and enhance and/or strengthen its SOPs to ensure the well-being and safety of their community.

Sources told that the first case emerged in the hostel of the IBA’s Karachi University campus. The student had come from Islamabad and was staying in the campus hostel.

“His parents had the virus and he received his test results after he joined classes,” the student said:

According to an internal email shared with sources by a student, the varsity will be conducting tests at both its girls’ and boys’ hostels and the campuses today [Thursday].

“Examinees will get their results via SMS within 24 hours of the tests. It will, however, take IBA 48 hours to 72 hours to know the results of all the students that were tested,” the email read.

With cafeteria and canteen have also been opened which indicates that the university was not following complete SOPs set by the government.

Students are complaining that the guards are not stopping students for not wearing masks and social distancing is nonexistent.