Imran Abbas Advises Sanam Jung To ‘Lose 10 Kg’ On National TV, Sparks Controversy

Imran Abbas Advises Sanam Jung To Lose 10 Kg

A recent incident on a morning show involving actors Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung has sparked a discussion about body image and interpersonal dynamics. Although the comment made by Abbas was intended as a joke, it has raised concerns about fat shaming and the importance of maintaining respectful behavior, especially among close friends.

During the show, Abbas called in and caught Jung off guard, as she was not expecting to have a conversation with her friend on national television in such a manner. When the host, Madeha Naqvi, asked Abbas for advice for Jung, he jokingly remarked, “When you return from America, lose 10 kg and then come back.” While Naqvi and Jung shared a laugh, the camera captured Naqvi’s astonishment while Jung continued to find it amusing.

Here, have a look at the video:

In contrast, Abbas proceeds to express admiration for his friend. “I always tell [Jung] that she has her own world. She follows her own path without caring about others. She selects projects and commercials according to her own preferences, even though she receives numerous offers.”

The actor goes on to recount instances where Jung has reached out to him at 2 a.m., discussing various offers and projects. He reveals his surprise when he considers the remuneration to be excessively high, only to discover that she often manages to secure those amounts and sometimes even surpasses the initial price.

During the discussion, when Abbas complains that Jung doesn’t listen to him, she playfully responds, “Since I started working with [Abbas], he’s become so obsessed with his diet and gym routine. He’s a highly disciplined person. When I ask him how he manages his time, he tells me that he has the same shooting schedule as I do, but he still finds the time. ‘What’s your problem?’ he asks me.” Jung continues to jest about her admiration for Abbas’ discipline.

It’s worth mentioning that Jung has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry as an actor, television host, and model. Especially, her excellent performance in the recent drama serial ‘Pyari Mona’ where she could be seen portraying the character of a girl struggling with her weight, has gained immense appreciation.

sanam jung pyari mona

While the value of an individual should not be determined solely by awards, it is important to acknowledge her accomplishments, which extend beyond the number on a weighing scale. Abbas, being a talented actor, model, and singer with international recognition, should be mindful of his statements on national television and strive to perform better in such situations.

Although the comment was likely intended as a joke, it drew attention to the issue of body shaming that exists in our society. Fat shaming, specifically, contributes to a negative body image and can result in severe psychological and emotional repercussions. It is crucial to recognize that body weight should never be used as a criterion for judgment or ridicule.