Jeeto Pakistan 2020 Registration, Entry Passes By SMS & Call

    ARY Digital has announced its plans for Jeeto Pakistan 2020 Ramzan special! Thought to be the biggest game show of Pakistan – Jeeto Pakistan League will be hosted by none other than the show’s iconic host, Fahad Mustafa.

    Fahad announced the plans for Jeeto Pakistan League in an Instagram post today, announcing that this year, the show will not be limited by cities, instead whole Pakistan will play under 5 cities,  5 teams and 5 celebrity captains.

    Want to be a part of this year’s Jeeto Pakistan? The process is simple and easy-to-follow. There are two ways to register and be a part of this iconic game show.

    1. Jeeto Pakistan 2020 Registration by SMS

    Simply send an SMS in the below-given format to 8038.


    Type JPR[Space]Name[Space]City and send it to 8038

    2. Jeeto Pakistan 2020 Registration by Call

    People from all over Pakistan can also register using their phones. All you have to do is call at 021-111-000-162 for a chance to be a part of the show!

    Last year, ARY released an official video explaining the only legal and correct registration process for Jeeto Pakistan through Fahad Mustafa. The actor/host explicitly told the audience to not believe in any scams who ask for phone balance, credit or any sort of personal information in the disguise of registration.

    Watch this video from ARY’s official here: