Jubilee Life Insurance wins AsiaMoney Award 2022

Jubilee Life Insurance, the largest private sector insurer in Pakistan, has extended its list of notable acknowledgments with AsiaMoney Award 2022. AsiaMoney is a prestigious platform that adjudges financial performance of companies on a set of strict criteria to ascertain the most outstanding companies in various countries. Jubilee Life Insurance is the first and the only life insurance company in Pakistan to win this prestigious award.

Jubilee Life Insurance also made its name in Best Corporate Report Award 2021. The Company received the accolade in recognition of its excellence in corporate reporting, promoting accountability and transparency, as well as responsible presentation of economic, environment and social performance of the business.

Jubilee Life Insurance was recently ranked in the list of Top 25 best performing companies at the Pakistan Stock Exchange based on its good financial ratios, effective CSR as well as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practices. It is the only insurance company to be awarded with the PSX Top 25 Companies Award thrice during last 10 years.

The Company has been at the forefront of not just financial and operational excellence but also digital innovation. The two accolades: ‘Best Integrated Media Strategy’ and ‘Best Content of the Year’ at Pakistan Digital Awards 2022, serve as a testament to the claim.
Commenting on these achievements, Mr. Javed Ahmed, MD & CEO Jubilee Life Insurance, said; “At Jubilee Life Insurance, our goal has always been to excel at all fronts. Besides exceptional achievement on the financial side, we are making headways on other avenues as well. Winning the AsiaMoney Award and the Best Corporate Report Award 2021 after having recently received the PSX Top 25 Companies accolade is a tremendous boost of confidence for the Company, its customers, stakeholders and the team of employees who made this all possible.”

About Jubilee Life Insurance:
Jubilee Insurance is a global brand of Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) that offers diverse insurance solutions (Life, Health, General and Takaful) across various countries. Jubilee Life Insurance is committed to being Pakistan’s best service provider in the insurance industry.