Mario Videos On YouTube Have Surpassed 100 Billion Views Milestone

Mario Videos On YouTube Have Surpassed 100 Billion Views Milestone

It has been announced by YouTube that the beloved and iconic character, Super Mario, has achieved a remarkable feat of 100 billion views on its platform. To mark this significant milestone, the video-sharing giant has released a video that traces the evolution of Mario content on the platform, ranging from the initial days of viral videos to the more recent expressions of fandom, such as cosplays.

The Mario community on YouTube has witnessed an immense growth, and enthusiasts have been showcasing their individualistic interpretations of the world’s most identifiable character through various art forms like crafts, cooking, makeup, nail art, music, and even weddings.

Below is a quick overview of numerous milestones that Mario has achieved on YouTube:

  • Mario speed runs hold the record for the highest number of videos posted on YouTube compared to any other game series.
  • There are Mario-related videos available on over two million YouTube channels.
  • Approximately every 20 seconds, a fresh Mario video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • Japan comprises 60% of all Mario Maker views on YouTube.
  • Over 2000 channels cover the vast and expansive Mario Universe on YouTube.

Based on trend statistics, the original Super Mario Bros holds the title of the “most viewed” Mario game on YouTube. Super Mario Maker 2 holds the third rank, while Super Smash Bros secures the second position. The United States and Japan together account for more than 40% of Mario viewers on the platform. Additionally, 2022 recorded the highest number of Super Mario uploads on YouTube ever.

Mario videos have been uploaded by over two million YouTube channels, and a new video related to Mario is added to the platform every 20 seconds. Among these channels, there are over two thousand that are solely dedicated to the Mario universe. Moreover, the number of speedruns featuring Mario games uploaded to YouTube exceeds that of any other game series. In speedruns, gamers compete to complete a game or a section of it in the shortest amount of time possible.

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It is worth mentioning that Japanese creators have had a significant impact on the growth of Mario content on YouTube, which is not surprising considering the character’s origins. Super Mario Maker, a tool for creating new game levels, is particularly popular among users who enjoy crafting unique Mario experiences. Of the creators who use this tool, 60 percent are from Japan. Hikakin, one of the top YouTube creators in Japan, gained fame with a viral Super Mario beatboxing video.

Despite his continual presence, Mario has been thrust into the spotlight once again with the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie today and the recent inauguration of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, which has been documented in numerous YouTube vlogs.