Mondelez International Facilitates Over 22 million PKR for Flood Rehabilitation in Pakistan

Withthe entire country standing in unison to aid rehabilitation efforts inflood-affected regions of Pakistan, Mondelez Pakistan Limited, being one of thecountry’s leading socially responsible corporate entities has played its partby contributing over 100,000/- USD in cash along with in-kind donations tosupport families in building their homes and livelihoods once again.

To ensurethat our contribution have been given to the right impacted people, Mondelez PakistanLimited has partnered with Akhuwat and Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), bothleading institutions in the country working round the clock to facilitateaffected people in Pakistan.Recent flooding across Pakistanaffected more than 33 million families and there is a lot more that still needsto be done to return these people to their normal lives.

In playing its part,Mondelez Pakistan Limited has disbursed cash donations as well as suppliesincluding clothes, medical supplies, food and a variety of other necessaryitems to continue facilitating people and their journey towards rehabilitation.The donations will be channeled to assist not just in reconstruction of homesbut also to provide sustainable avenues for families to rebuild what they’velost and to provide for their loved ones.

Commenting at the occasion, Mr. SamiA. Wahid – Managing Director, Mondelēz Pakistan Limited has stated; MondelezChangemakers is our global community involvement program thatclosely ties to Snacking Made Right and allows us to make an impact by givingback to community. These are trying times for a significant chunk of thepopulation of Pakistan and People have lost their homes, livelihood and lovedones. Although flood waters are receding across the country, there is a lotthat still needs to be done. As a nation and more importantly as an empatheticsocial entity, we at Mondelez Pakistan Limited are pleased to play a role withour partners doing the same for rehabilitation initiatives being carried outacross the country.

”While expressing his gratitude, Mr. Kanwar Waseem, PRCS ProvincialSecretary thanked Mondelez Pakistan for standing with the people of Pakistan inthese testing times. He also added, “The unprecedented floods have playedhavoc across the country. We need joint efforts for alleviating the sufferingsof the flood victims and need speedy compensation for those families who hadlost their loved ones and whose property had been damaged during the floods.

”Dr. Amjad Saqib, Founder of Akhuwat also appreciated the contributionsof Mondelez International and said “I offer my heartfelt gratitude towardsMondelez Pakistan for their cash and in-kind donation. In this hour ofdifficulty, the responsibility falls on everyone to share the pain andsuffering of the flood victims while also helping them with their difficulties.As a nation, we must work together to rebuild and rehabilitate families fromflood affected areas across the country.”Mondelez Pakistan Limited isorganizing extensive efforts to support all flood affected families, includingits own employees, who have suffered on account of these unprecedented floods.