Ramzan Pakistan 2020 with Ahsan Khan (Seher & Iftar) Timings & Details

Ramzan Pakistan 2020 with Ahsan Khan (Seher & Iftar) Timings & Details

One of the most watched Ramadan transmission in Pakistan is the Ahsan Khan hosted “Ramzan Pakistan”. The show this year is simultaneously aired on Hum TV and PTV throughout its Iftar and Sehri transmissions.

The show focuses on educating the viewers about Islamic teachings, promoting the culture of peace and brotherhood, globally. Iftar transmission is hosted by the famed Ahsan khan and co-hosted by Islamic scholar Bushra Aamir, Sehri transmission is hosted by lively Tehreem Muniba. Sehri transmission is hosted by Junaid Iqbal.

Throughout the daily Ramzan Pakistan transmission, there are different segments like Wazaif by Bashir Farooqui, Naat competition, cooking segment etc.

The soulful ost “Karam aaj Bala-e-baam aagaya” of Ramzan Pakistan is sung by the talented “Harris Jarral” and stars Ahsan Khan, where a Muslim’s journey throughout Ramadan is shown. From connecting deeply with the Lord by worshiping him with Salah and Dua to spending quality time with their family and helping the vulnerable of the society.

In the cooking segment, Chef Warda and Chef Bilquees, make amazing recipes that will perk up your Iftar. During the Iftar transmission, Ahsan Khan also hosts naat and quiz competitions.

Throughout the run of the Iftar and Sehri transmissions, live calls are taken from all over the world where the callers ask the scholars of the different spiritual and physical problems they are facing and receive insightful information on the matter.

Sehri transmission focuses more on religious discussions and recitation of dua’s, naats and hamds.

The sehri transmissions start from 1:50 am till the time of Sehri ends whereas Iftar transmission start from 3 pm till the Iftar starts.