Sarsabz Pakistan Mobile App Claims Fastest Growth Within The Agri-Sector

Being near to completing one year since its launch, the ‘Sarsabz Pakistan’ mobile app has garnered immense popularity and attention amongst the Pakistani farmers’ community. The app recently marked a record number of more than one hundred thousand downloads in a short time span of ten months, making it the country’s fastest-growing mobile app within the agriculture sector and the top-rated educational app on Google Playstore.

The Sarsabz Pakistan app caters to multiple needs of the farming community, providing them with timely farm advisory and information updates to help maximize their crop yield and productivity. The advisory support features of the app include crop planning support to manage multiple farms and crops in a given season with step-by-step alerts on crop management, a calculator tool for planning precise application of fertilizer according to the 4R rule – right source, right rate, right time, right place, requesting general advisory and free soil and water testing visits by qualified Fatima Group agronomists to maximize crop yield through effective use of fertilizer.

At the same time, the information update features of the app also assist the farmers through crucial weather updates and forecasts for timely planning and application of farm inputs, ensuring easy accessibility to fertilizer at company rates through a comprehensive list of nationwide Sarsabz dealers along with their contact and location details, updates on current commodity market rates, and latest news bites related to the agriculture sector.

While expressing her views about this platform, Rabel Sadozai, Director of Marketing and Sales at Fatima Fertilizer said, “The Sarsabz Pakistan app is completely free for farmers to use and benefit from its information and advisory-based features. It serves as a convincing prologue to the fact that digital transformation of Pakistan’s agriculture sector is the only way to realize its utmost potential so that it can play a pivotal role in reviving our over-stressed economy.”

Speaking further about the app’s future improvements, Rabel said, “We plan to further enhance this app by allowing farmers to avail quick micro loans and lease farm machinery on easy terms, so they can procure and manage essential farm inputs in a timely and convenient manner.”

Pakistan’s agriculture sector is transforming at a snail’s pace towards modernisation. However, the success of platforms like the Sarsabz Pakistan app indicates a dire demand for Pakistani farmers to modernize their farming practices through the use of technology and achieve maximum possible growth and efficiency.