Shahid Afridi announces LalaJaan, Leaving Everyone Curious!

Shahid Afridi announces LalaJaan

The cricket superstar of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi is making waves on the social media yet again by teasing a new project, LalaJaan.


The social media account for LalaJaan recently came to the forefronts and shared the post: “24 years since #ShahidAfridi burst onto the scene, it is now time for a rebirth. A new look. A new innings.

It is time for Shahid Afridi’s #GreatestSixer.”

It has not been confirmed but the project seems to be a new charity that the cricketer has now brought to life which will be helping various causes that the people in Pakistan are suffering from.

The launch of the charity will be in November as opposed to earlier in 2020 as the launch was previously delayed due to extensive lockdown amidst coronavirus spread.

In March 2014, Shahid Afridi established the Shahid Afridi Foundation which aims to provide healthcare and education facilities in Pakistan. He was named among the world’s most charitable athletes by Do Something in August 2015.

Shahid Afridi Foundation participated and came to the front lines to support, feed and provide for the people affected by coronavirus either economically or health wise.

The famed cricketer has called his fans to register for this latest project on the website: , while many wait for the grand reveal.